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Kate Pearson

1 year ago. Reading time: 1 minute

This week teapigs launched the brand new ‘sustainability and values’ pages on their site. With the help of bluCommerce functionality, it’s now possible for customers to make a standalone charitable donation or add one to their purchase at checkout.

teapigs eCommerce Manager, Reece Downey, is incredibly pleased with the positive response they’ve already received.

“Since launching the new donation feature for our basket, we’re seeing 7% of our customers making a donation. This is going to make a huge difference over 12-months and beyond.”

When you enter the ‘sustainability & values’ sections, customers can easily navigate to the ‘donate’ page. From here, it’s possible for them make a stand alone donation or add one as part of a wider purchase. The money goes to the charity The Point Foundation, who teapigs have been ethically supporting for years.

The charity slider and donation buttons are custom build functionality for teapigs but have great potential. The slider in particular can have a variety of uses and be an interesting addition to any site. There is also a charity cross-sell button in the cart. Once the customer has selected the product and entered the checkout, they can make an additional donation that will automatically be added to their total.

If you’d like to hear more about the features that are available on the bluCommerce platform, please get in contact with us today.

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