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How we use Dashboards for great visibility

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Kate Pearson

11 months ago

At blubolt, the core values that we have create a framework for the way we conduct our work on a daily basis. One of our core values at blubolt is to have great “visibility”.

For us, great visibility is everyone to be well informed and have a clear understanding of what’s happening across the company at all times. This includes visibility around our platform bluCommerce, our clients’ goals, and what’s happening internally at the blubolt offices. There are many ways we work towards good visibility, one of which is with the use of dashboards.

Introducing dashboards

Dashboards are located throughout the blubolt office, they’re the first thing our teams see in the morning and the last we check – using them has become a necessary part of our working day! They’re broken down into individual widgets of data and graphs that highlight what’s happening within every element of the company. Updated on a rolling basis, they show us internal events, an analysis of client support tickets, systems status, and the performance of the platform itself.

An example of one of our dashboards: The Support Dashboard

We use a variety of tools to monitor these different elements including tight API integrations with Zendesk, JIRA, Bitbucket, DataDog, and Basecamp to name a few. The dashboards are perfect for bringing all this information together in one place! 

How do they improve visibility?

Dashboards have become an essential source of information and great focal and discussion point for any and all updates on both the platform and client related news. They’ve have had a huge affect on the way our teams communicate and work with one another. The information they collate from all areas of the company updates and feeds constantly between each department, allowing everyone to be aware of what is happening.

Head of support, Warren Amphlett, talks about how incorporating them has impacted the way we work:

“Having dashboards around has made such a big difference to the support team. They’ve increased visibility of key figures, not only to the team, but to the wider company. They’ve increased motivation through friendly competition and given us the ability to be proactive. 

Most importantly, they’ve helped identify parts of our processes that needed improvements. Seeing these statistics in real time means we can adapt accordingly which improves our clients experience and ultimately, helps our clients trade better.

If the dashboards have had this sort of impact in such a short time, I am excited to see where else we can take them.”

Using dashboards has become an integral part of daily life at blubolt, what they show and how they show it has had an incredible effect on our company wide visibility and helping us achieve our goals – and ultimately helping our customers trade better.

If you’d like to learn more about how dashboards can help you, get in touch today.

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