Introducing the new PayPal Express Checkout

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Kate Pearson

7 months ago

Customer’s are always searching for a faster, easier way to complete a transaction when shopping online. In order to help reduce friction and speed up this interaction, we’ve just introduced a quicker way to pay on bluCommerce; PayPal Express Checkout.

With this new payment method, you can let your customers skip the entire checkout process and place their order in a matter of seconds, straight from the basket. So purchasing can be done in just a few clicks – it’s simple, fast and easy!

How it works

  1. Customers visit your website and select their items
  2. The option to Checkout with PayPal will appear
  3. They login and find their billing and shipping information is securely saved
  4. Finally, they confirm the purchase…

…and that’s it! Customers can go from browsing to purchasing in no time.

The benefits

Increased conversions

According to research, retailers using PayPal Express Checkout are seeing a huge increase in conversions compared to those using PayPal on the regular payment page. With Paypal Express Checkout seeing a 27.2% compare just over 3% with the regular page. It has also increased shoppers to those sites, retailers with PayPal who introduced Express Checkout have had over 11% more buyers compared to the those without, who’ve had less than 1% rise.*

Faster, more secure purchase

This increase in conversion comes from the security and convenience it provides. With Paypal Express Checkout, customers can bypass the guest checkout pages to avoid time spent entering billing and shipping information. All of that information is already saved securely in their PayPal account, they simply login and confirm their purchase.

Customer confidence

The ‘in-context’ payment keeps the customer on your site. They can review the transaction details immediately and pay with confidence.

If you’re interested in introducing PayPal Express Checkout onto your website, or you’d like to find out more, please get in contact with us today

*Source: comScore Data Services