The blubolt software team launch new meetup group for developers

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Kate Pearson

9 months ago. Reading time: 1 minute

This year at blubolt, we’ve been focusing more on our core values, how we can integrate them into our daily lives, and how we use them to help our retailers trade better.

Over the last few month, Andrius Bartulis, a Platform Engineer at blubolt, has been organising internal development meetups that are now available to the public. The meetings, called  “Tabs vs Spaces“, aim to bring members of blubolt, as well as outside developers, together to discuss and learn about anything and everything development related.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our codebase and write more efficient, maintainable and robust code,” says Andrius,“as developers, you will often find us looking for various ways to solve problems surrounding maintainability, efficiency and robustness.”

One way Andrius believes they can come to these solutions is by dedicating a time and place where developers can meet to discuss and learn.

“It’s resulted in us starting an internal develop meetup where we can learn from each other about how to build better software that is stable, as well as maintainable in the long term. For example, during the first few meetups, we were looking into Functional Programming with the Elixir language, exploring immutability and managing side effects more carefully. At the moment the meetup is centred around topics of declarative functional programming, however in the future, we will explore other areas of programming and development.”

So far they’ve held 4 meetups, with the most recent one including external developers. Andrius hopes the informal nature of them will encourage more developers to attend, where they can discuss any development related topics.  

“We make sure to keep a relaxed and open atmosphere,” he said, “which also makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to join us and learn something new.  We want to keep it as open and widely accessible to people as we can.”

With so many ideas to discuss, the developers are now focused on finalising their topics. Introducing it the public on is in the early stages but Andrius is hopefully more will be involved in Tabs Vs Spaces over the coming months.

“At the end of the day, this meetup is about developers gathering together to discuss various technical topics we are interested in and having fun solving development and programming challenges, hopefully, helping us to become better developers.”

The next one is due to be held in two weeks time, for more information on the meetup’s, or to sign-up and join in, follow the link:  
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