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Frugi unveil their brand new mobile platform

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Kate Pearson

5 months ago

Last month blubolt helped children’s clothing company Frugi unveil their newly redesigned mobile platform, which aims to offer their customers a more seamless cross-channel experience.

Like so many retailers nowadays, the leading children’s brand have been experiencing a sharp increase in traffic to their mobile site. With the popularity of this platform continuing to grow, Frugi felt it was time to update the look and usability of their mobile experience.

Alicia Puckey, Project Manager at Frugi, is incredibly pleased with the outcome of blubolt’s redesign.

“The new mobile site is a breath of fresh air, the user journey is less complex, the site is clean and fresh looking with a touch of Fruginess.”

The new design boasts this user friendly format throughout the site. The hamburger style menu means customers can navigate with ease to any area of the site, no matter what page they’re on.

This menu is a permanent fixture of the sticky bar, along with search and basket. It’s always visible for added convenience and reduced friction. Also, now that Frugi are on the latest version of blubolt’s mobile platform, they can benefit from the exciting developments our roadmap has in store.

As well as slicker functionality, the site benefits from a new design that better showcases their product range with more focus and impact. Matt Ellis, Frontend Developer at blubolt who worked on the Frugi redesign said:

“The functionality is now the same on all of our mobile sites. What really stands out on Frugi’s mobile site is the design, it’s very engaging and nice to look at.”

The new site is in the early stages but Frugi are confident it will be well received with their customers. Alicia adds:

“We really look forward to seeing the positive results from the change.”