4 vital eCommerce features you need on mobile

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Kate Pearson

6 months ago. Reading time: 2 minutes

A recently published Mobile Retail Report surveyed 185 UK multichannel retailers to find out the best and worst performing ones, based on smartphone usability and services. The results were interesting and it got us thinking, what are the ideal features needed for an optimised mobile experience?

In this post we look at some of the results, what services and features you should be offer, and what blubolt have been doing to stay on top of the ever-moving trends in mobile eCommerce.

Persistent basket

Persistent Baskets allow your customers to log in and view their saved basket items across multiple devices. It’s an enticing feature for a shopper, designed to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increases consistency while shopping; it’s no wonder so many retailers have introduced it.

According to the survey, the amount of retailers who don’t offer has dramatically reduced to just 16%. As this is such a useful feature with benefits to both customers and retailer, we introduced persistent Basket onto our own platform this year.

One-touch payment options

One-touch payment has revolutionised shopping on mobile. It’s a brilliant way of increasing conversions at checkout; a it’s quick, convenient and trustworthy interaction. Also, now that Amazon’s patent on 1-click payment technology has ended, it’s become a hot topic amongst retailers.

Of the 185 surveyed, 88% of them offer some form of one-touch payment on their mobile sites, the majority of which is Paypal. With customers searching for faster was to pay, now is the time to consider this technology. This is why we’ve created our own Express Pay system on bluCommerce. Customers shopping with blubolt retailers can experience a more frictionless checkout experience.

Context-specific Keyboards

Nearly a third of smartphone users complain it’s too hard to type on smaller devices. Unfortunately nearly half (48%) of the retailers in this survey are making it even harder by not offering input-specific keyboards.

Only 52% are offer these automatic keyboard changes on mobile, including telephone and email keyboards. These shortcuts are vital for reducing friction, it’s interesting to see so few offering it. At blubolt, our checkout has been built from the ground-up and offers all of these automatic shortcuts as standard so customers can move through checkout even quicker.

Here’s an example of automatic specific keyboards in action with blubolt’s retailer teapigs.


One way of creating a more seamless omnichannel experience is ensuring that mobile phone user, who are often on the move, can easily locate your bricks-and-mortar shops. Using a feature like geolocating, whether it’s automatic or with a ‘find me’ button, will help customers locate your shop quickly, which is great for urgent or impulsive buys.

Many of the retailers working with blubolt use this feature, include women’s clothing company Seasalt. They have an icon pinned to the top of every screen, which allows people to “use their location” when finding the nearest shop. 

According the to survey, 44% of retailers do not offer geolocation on mobile devices. Considering 71% of smartphone owners say they need to look up shops and opening hours, it’s definitely a feature more retailers should have available.

If you’re a retailer looking to replatform, or you’d like to hear more about blubolt and the mobile solution we offer, please get in contact today.

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