Report: An Overview of The Current Checkout Experience

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Aaron May

7 months ago. Reading time: 1 minute

Innovation is essential, and not just for its own sake but with a strong context to what is being improved, and more importantly, the challenges that need to be overcome.

Over time, the bluCommerce checkout had diverged into various versions, meaning our clients and internal teams were finding it difficult to monitor and improve performance effectively. That’s why we began working on a single, highly configurable checkout, one that aimed to address these challenges and to allow us to innovate. In 2016, we released the new bluCommerce Checkout.

Based on detailed insights and research into performance, engagement and features, the new checkout was developed as a core eCommerce product, aimed at providing the optimal experience for customers and retailers on all devices.

In this report, we’ll explore the exciting new functionality that now feature on the bluCommerce checkout. As well as summarise key findings in our recent report, An Improved Checkout Experience.

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