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Top retailer, Skatehut, uses blubolt to power their growth

Our partnership

Skatehut is one of the most exciting online retailers around currently, proudly being the UK’s number one online skate store.

Our partnership with Skatehut started in 2011, when they reached a point where their eCommerce platform was bursting at the seams and inhibiting their growth plans.

We were invited to create their new online presence and to give them the right tools to reach their loyal customer base.

The results

5 years on, our partnership with Skatehut is stronger than ever, recently launching their online scooter builder, and implementing an integration with warehouse management software, PeopleVox.

Skatehut’s growth goes from strength to strength, with over 1/4 million Facebook followers, and sales results that continually improve year on year. The company is in the process of also expanding its portfolio of physical retail shops.

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About Skatehut

Skatehut are an online skate superstore, stocking over 25,000 product lines with a fanatic customer base.




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