Introducing the

bluCommerce Roadmap

Our bluCommerce roadmap provides visibility over improvements to our platform to match the fast-evolving eCommerce industry.

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The world of retail and retail technology is ever evolving. Our platform - bluCommerce - must be able to respond to changes in the market and changes in demand from our customers. Our public roadmap has been designed to give visibility on what's upcoming and what has been achieved, ultimately showing how we are adapting within the eCommerce landscape. Feedback is also essential to help guide this, and our own customers have a part to play in the progression of our platform.

Guided by our vision

A scalable self-service platform that helps ambitious retailers trade better

This is ultimately what guides our platform direction. Online retailers need to be able to market, merchandise, and build their brands, all whilst differentiating and executing faster than competitors. This means eCommerce platforms need to be innovative, adaptable, scalable, and allow ever increasing levels of control to pivot quickly to changing customer demands and habits.

Roadmap item types

Our roadmap is grouped into four key areas of focus:

  • Retailer control

    These are updates to the platform that focus on allowing greater control and flexibility to be more operationally efficient.


    These focus on cross-device updates that will increase conversion rates, AOV and engagement.

  • Speed & Performance

    These include core updates that will optimise performance, improve reporting and analysis, and improve page-load speed.

  • Easier Implementation

    These are internal changes that will allow our team to deliver faster to meet our customers' requirements.

Roadmap columns

On the roadmap, you’ll be able to see four simple columns, each of which indicate the status of items within it:

  • Ideas

  • Potential

    (not scheduled)

  • Next Up

  • In Progress

  • Done!

Check out the roadmap
  • Ideas

    We gather ideas of what to build next from an array of sources including bluCommerce retailers, industry events, website users, analytics and internal experts.

  • Potential

    This is a list of some of the most popular and interesting ideas. At this point we have not committed to or prioritised these items, but are keen to gauge retailers’ interest and input. Please do feel free to pass along any feedback or input via your account manager. Items in this state will always have some background on the idea and a clear objective / business case as to how it can offer value to customers and ourselves. Until we have this information, the idea will not be included on the public roadmap.

  • In progress

    We’re on it! These items are currently being built.

  • Done

    All of these items are ready for you to start benefiting from. Most will receive a separate announcement, but at this stage the majority of detail will be published or linked to. If you need further information, please contact your account manager and feel free to let us know what you think.

Rules of the road(map)

  • It may change

    The roadmap is not set in stone - it is dynamic, and we’ll regularly update it to reflect demands and market trends.

  • Potential, not definitely

    Potential items are not committed to or necessarily prioritised - these are here to gauge interest.

  • It’s not done until it’s done

    Detail within roadmap items should not be considered a specification or finalised requirements until Done!

  • The definition of done

    Done! does not mean finished, never to be worked on again. We work with an iterative methodology always looking to improve and evolve the product based on feedback. It’s never too late to tell us what you think!

  • Dates

    Delivery dates will not be detailed on the items in progress, but will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.

  • Deliver value early

    We will not always include all of the listed features in the first iteration of the product - our aim is to deliver value as early as possible.