Fast, Accurate

bluCommerce Search

Improved accuracy
of search results

The new bluCommerce search has been completely re-engineered. Using best-of-breed technology, bluCommerce is even better poised to provide a world-class eCommerce search.

At the heart is a strong focus on improving search accuracy, enhanced by using new language algorithms, improved ways to weight and match search terms, and new ways to ultimately let users find the best-matching results.

More intuitive &
relevant results

The bluCommerce search makes it easier to find results with a new Quick Search feature, allowing search-as-you-type technology, keyword highlighting, and different types of results ranked by the best-matching.

It can even match results based on key attributes and facets within your catalogue (e.g. blue dress), allowing customers to view even more relevant results for their searches.

Searches more content types

The bluCommerce search doesn't just match product results. It matches all results.
This can include categories, news and blog posts, store locations, even CMS content.

Search suggestions based on spelling

The bluCommerce search tool is intelligent enough to be able to match search suggestions based on mis-types, similar sounding words, or better matching suggestions.

The new 'Did you mean?' feature ensures that customers find what they mean to find, and get a better experience on your site.

Search history &
pre-defined searches

The bluCommerce search makes it easier for returning customers to search their favourites, with a new 'Recent Searches' feature.

Trending searches can also be configured and give you the opportunity to promote searches, products and categories of your choosing depending on your business goals.