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Leigh Mardon

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Once an afterthought that tagged onto a bigger eCommerce presence, mobile websites are now an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. If you haven’t revamped yours in the past couple of years, there is every chance you’re falling behind modern best practice and that’s bad news for your brand.

Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ update in April 2015 put mobile websites on the radar for a lot of companies who had previously overlooked them, but not a huge amount of guidance was given on how to best exact change. It was advised that sites would have to be ‘mobile dynamic’ in order to retain quality search engine ranking (or appear in mobile searches) but as any savvy brand knows, there’s a lot more to making a great mobile site than simply resizing it to fit on a smaller screen.

The drive for an improved mCommerce presence is in no small part affected by our beloved millennials, half of whom spend at least 4 hours using mobile internet on an average weekday. It’s estimated that by 2020 millennials will account for one third of all retail spending, and if their primary platform of choice is a smartphone, that tells you exactly why mCommerce is serious business. An entire adult generation grew up in an internet-enabled world, and many of the next generation have been tapping away on smartphones since they were small children.

We might be a few years away from 2020, but statistics are indicating that mobile conversions have the potential to exceed those made on desktop sites if our technological behaviour continues to change. If you’re not already maximising your ability to convert on mobile phones, you’re already being left behind.

bluCommerce mobile sites

As an industry-leading eCommerce company, mobile websites have been an important part of our web strategy for several years. We’ve been adapting and innovating our mobile sites to keep ahead of trends and the result is our next-generation mobile solution. Designed to be adaptable enough to incorporate technological advancements and improvements as they roll out, bluCommerce mobile sites offer brands with long-term goals the option to adopt a relatively future-proof solution.


Not only do bluCommerce m-sites have the same look and feel as our desktop creations, they’re built especially for use on a handheld device – so everything is tailored for the small screen. The layouts, navigational options and content are all designed to enhance mobile UX, making it easy and intuitive to browse, learn about your brand and most importantly – convert using a mobile phone.

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