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Cooking up an eCommerce storm – creating an online kitchen shop

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Leigh Mardon

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Creating a strong eCommerce presence for big-name brands is bread and butter for blubolt, so it’s no surprise to find so many prestigious names on our client roster. In the past 3 years we’ve launched new eCommerce presences for 4  leading names in kitchen retail, giving us a unique insight into the eTail world of pots, pans and preparation paraphernalia. In this blog we take a look at the strategy behind the site makeovers and offer our top marketing tips to help you create a successful kitchen commerce presence on the world wide web.

Place your products centre stage

When it comes to shopping for kitchenware, both practicality and design play a role in buying decisions. Premium restaurants and homemakers alike are drawn initially by the eye, so ensuring that you have large visual cues to help your site visitors navigate your best-selling ranges is key in influencing buying decisions. Prestige brand Robert Welch have achieved the most attention in the press for their cutlery and signature book stand, so we ensured they had prime placement on the homepage.

Robert Welch

We used a large carousel to give the homepage a luxurious lookbook feel, with calls to action for each of the key site sections – kitchen, dining and homewares. The high-quality images show off the quality of the ranges, with minimal text to keep the images centre stage. By keeping the carousel limited to just 3 landing pages, the calls to action are clear and concise.

Keep your collections succinct

Stores like Kitchen Craft, who sell a vast variety of brands and cooking-related goods, need an enhanced navigation to enable visitors to find key products. With such a broad range of products available, the main navigation needed to be the key point to start. Point and click navigation led by images would result in far too much front-page info, so we used the carousel to showcase new products and strong lead ranges but kept the main site navigation bar as the lead cue to browse.

Product types lead the nav – separated by their application in the home, followed by brand collections for those who know what they’re looking for. Yet more visuals are at play with the inclusion of lookbooks which allow site visitors to visually plan a kitchen and dining makeover by showcasing  a selection of products which complement each other with a unified theme.

If you have a group of brands as well as a variety of products, like Tala Cooking, ensure you’ve clearly segmented them on site. It might seem like a simple idea, but many companies miss a trick by not offering succinct navigational browsing for individual brands and product collections.


Tala have two key brands which revolve around kitchen and cookware, but they also have Elliot – a household good brand, and Manicare – a beauty company. They wanted to keep all sales within one online presence, so we ensured the site lead on the navigation was brand associated, followed by a menu split by product type. Carousels are again at play, and are targeted for the bulk of their site visitors who land on site to shop for cooking and homewares.

Unify your online and offline presence

We might be living in the age of eCommerce but the High Street still sees a roaring trade and a good proportion of your web browsers will go onto convert in a bricks-and-mortar store. It’s therefore important to unify your real-life and virtual presences with the inclusion of information that will influence buying decisions in the real world. For Creative Tops we used a bespoke image map to provide an easy store locator from the stockist landing page. A quick search using a postcode or city name gives instant access to a list of stores, with the closest location returned first.

Robert Welch wanted to really bring their in-store experience to the website, so we introduced a 360-degree interior tour to their brand store information pages, as well as a store locator that can pinpoint your current location across all devices and offer directions through the Google Maps app.

Tell your story

Behind every successful brand is a unique story and you should ensure you share this with your site visitors. It’s not just customers who might be interested in learning more about your brand and where you come from, it’s also the first port of call for press when they want to write a story. We gave prominence to brand stories, with Robert Welch, Tala CookingCreative Tops, and Kitchen Craft opting to share their heritage in the key navigation spaces on the front page.

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