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Leigh Mardon

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When it comes to choosing a platform provider there are an overwhelming number of options for a growing retailer and choosing who to partner with is a tough decision. Over the course of 10 years, blubolt has partnered with many award-winning retailers, including Seasalt, Route One, Skatehut, Sarah Raven and Whittard of Chelsea. Our client roster is growing with companies who have opted for our knowledge and experience in running their online presences. So what is it about blubolt that makes us stand out from the competition?

We’re the ‘full-service’ agency and platform provider

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the ‘full-service’ we provide for our clients. Rather than being one or the other, we’re both the platform provider and the agency, so there’s no need for third party management.

From the initial build to finished product, we provide continual support from a dedicated project manager and account team. This comes as standard for all of our clients at no additional hidden cost. Working side-by-side with clients throughout the years has taught us the importance of partnership and we’re committed to taking a personable approach to our work. By keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends, we’ve developed bluCommerce to have the same forward thinking technology as our competitors.

We work from one unified platform

First and foremost, working with blubolt means our client’s websites are built on the same unified platform, bluCommerce. The platform has been built from the ground-up by our in-house team.

It has been moulded by retailers’ real needs and pushed forward by continuous innovation. We pride ourselves on how bluCommerce is constantly evolving and we aim for several innovations a year.

The difficulty with some platforms are that they can be overly customised and difficult to maintain but bluCommerce is different. As we maintain it in-house we’ve ended up with a very feature rich platform that is still highly customisable but without the worry of instability.

We’re stable and scalable

We recently experienced our 3rd Black Friday in a row with no downtime, even with a 26% rise in revenue across the platform during that time. bluCommerce is built to deal with large spikes of incoming traffic. As it’s developed and maintained completely in-house, we offload concerns around scalability and performance, allowing our clients to focus on the running of their business.

Also, updating software to improve security or bugs may require additional development and costs, new releases can pose a challenge when the platform has been extended or customised but at blubolt the updates are rolled out periodically across the one, unified platform.

24/7 support system and in-house experts

Some eCommerce software providers do not have direct support from the original developers. This can make it difficult or costly for companies to seek the help they require. Unfortunately some third-party providers to do not have the same expertise which can impact the platform and potentially make it unstable.

At blubolt we have a team of experts including developers, designers and support all under one roof. Day-to-day technical advice is available for our clients and a status page provides real-time updates to keep everyone in the loop at all times. We even have 24/7 technical support to deal with any urgent issues for our clients peace of mind.

No hidden costs and no hidden ownership

With some other platform providers, there can sometimes be additional costs for installations, modification and maintenance on top of the initial price. These prices can come as a bit of a surprise and can end up costing the company more than originally planned.

When our clients partner with us they get an upfront monthly costs to cover account management, platform license, and support with no hidden agendas or unknown costs. The features, updates, and new functions on the platform, that are available to all of our clients, also come as standard.

In summary, partnering with blubolt means you’ll not only get a stable, innovative platform that is built and maintained by technology experts. You’ll also be getting a dedicated team to help you throughout the build and continued support once it goes live, ensuring every aspect is taken care of so you can focus on growing your online business!

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