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Leigh Mardon

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One of the many things that makes blubolt unique is the continual innovation of our platform, bluCommerce, with regular updates steered by our customers and insights from the wider industry.

Last year we introduced a new format to the bluCommerce roadmap to give retailers better visibility over improvements to the platform to match the fast-paced world of eCommerce.

The roadmap allows us to respond to insights from our customers, data and the retail technology industry to ensure we always remain competitive. However, with this flexibility we want to ensure we always remain focused with the long term goals of the platform.

Platform Themes help us to prioritise the roadmap and set the long term direction for bluCommerce. Each quarter we then set tangible milestones and medium term outcomes to focus our product.

The Platform Themes

Insight Driven
Driving improvements must be based on real world data. Our goal is to make optimisation easy for our customers to evolve their websites
Industry Competitive
We maintain a strong offering in the fast moving eCommerce industry by regularly releasing innovative functionality that keeps pace with changing expectations
Efficient Implementation
We make it easy to develop and build on the platform, meaning more efficient updates by our team, and the ability for our customers to ‘self-serve’ in the future
Easy to Administer
We focus on improving the ease of website management by providing more control to our customers to focus time and effort on growth not management
Tested & Documented
We focus on our testing tools and overall testing strategy which results in fewer code defects and unnecessary support raised by our customers
Modular Architecture
We focus on the architecture under the hood for ease of maintainability and development, improved stability around releases, and fewer technical bottlenecks

2017 Q1-2 Insights and Focus

Longtime predictions for the growth of mobile finally rang true in Q4 of 2016 with mobile traffic increasing over that of desktop and tablet. Mobile is going to dominate in 2017 both as a gateway to discovering retail brands, but also as a primary purchasing device as more streamlined payments and browsing experiences become the norm.

As such our focus for Q1-2 is to further enhance our already successful mobile solution to offer:

“A more seamless cross device experience for customers”
“A frictionless browsing and purchase experience on mobile”
“More control to tailor mobile content / hierarchy”

…and ultimately

Capitalise on the increase in mobile traffic by targeting the channel accordingly, while maintaining a unified omni-channel experience for customers all across devices.

To find out more view the updated roadmap

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