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5 Top eCommerce Tips for Valentine’s Day

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Leigh Mardon

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The holiday of love is fast approaching and more people than ever are opting to buy their gifts online. Check out blubolt’s quick tips to help optimise your page and drive sales this Valentine’s day…

Offer exclusive Gift Sets

Marketing performance company Criteo found that Valentine’s shoppers bought cross-sell items such as sweets and chocolates to accompany the main gift. So putting together curated bundles of Valentine’s themed items can help reduce the stress of decision making. For example, Hush offer a gift set exclusive to this holiday. You get a choice of jumpers, decide on the size and a bar of chocolate for an additional touch. Not only is this idea a time-saving option for the convenience shoppers but you can personalise it by adding your own message and gift wrapping options. You could even add exclusive items that are only available in the gift set, making it the more appealing option for customers.  

Use emails to get them to the checkout

Promote your Valentine’s gifts and remind customers the holiday is just around the corner with a good email campaign. Keep the look festive, uncluttered and segmented to target different genders. Entice them with ‘exclusive’ gifts and stress the urgency with words like ‘limited’. You can even use an email campaign to get them straight to the checkout. By making the destination URL use a special shortcut that will automatically add a product to the customer’s basket. The journey from product to purchase is even more seamless, perfect for the last minute shopper.

Have a dedicated Valentine’s section

Have a separate section on your website to showcase your valentines range. It could be simplified further by dividing them into ‘his’ and ‘her’ landing pages. Not on the High Street have done this and advertise each section with large, clear banners on the homepage to entice customers to click through. It’s the chance to get across the right message and the right products from the moment you enter the site.

You can filter the products conveniently by price range, showing gifts up to and over a certain amount. This can help those shopping with a budget. Having these dedicated landing pages are highly effective eCommerce tools that can be used to group unified products and promote your best selling items.

Drive traffic through your social channels

Up to 71% of consumers are likely to buy things based on social media references so the run-up to Valentine’s is the perfect time to showcase your product range. It’s also the chance to get creative and use these channels to engage your customers with your brand. Give them the chance to upload their own Valentine’s inspired images to Instagram or enter competitions by reposting or ‘liking’ your posts. Social media channels can also reach out to the last minute buyers and advertise discounts or special delivery options as is get closer to the day.

Target the last minute buyers

No matter what holiday it is there will always been last minute shoppers. Around 1.2bn Valentine’s purchases were made online between February 10 and 12 last year. As mentioned, using social media is a great way to grab their attention but there are other things that can convert late buyers. If possible offer express shipping options or click and collect to entice the last minute shoppers. If last minute delivery isn’t an option, give them plenty of notice through email reminders for last delivery dates leading-up to the day. Also, having a gift wrapping option is a convenient bonus for the customer. It could be triggered when you purchase a Valentine’s themed gift or offered at checkout and if you charge for it, it can increase your average order value.

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