Introducing bluCommerce Express Pay, making buying online even easier

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Leigh Mardon

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There is an ever-increasing trend in eCommerce towards increased speed and reduced friction during the payment process. With Amazon’s patent on one-click payment expiring later this year, blubolt has kept pace with this idea with a great additional feature to our own platform called bluCommerce Express Pay.

bluCommerce Express Pay has been specifically designed to both maximise site performance and improve conversions rates. It’s now quicker and easier, even when the customer is struggling with phone signal, to complete the checkout process!  

What is blubolt Express Pay?

Our Express Pay system aims to make the checkout process as seamless as possible for the returning customer. If they have placed a previous order and want a quicker journey when purchasing, they can easily access the Express Pay button on the basket page.

In order to reduce the number of steps it takes to make a purchase, Express Pay removes the need to manually input delivery and billing information. As long as they’re logged into their account, the Express Pay mode will automatically populate the relevant sections with the customer’s saved information.

When they hit the basket, customer’s can make a purchase in two simple clicks!

What does Express Pay do?

  • The shipping address will be automatically filled in with the default choice from the customer’s saved account information.
  • The shipping method will be pre-populated with the the last used delivery method by the customer.
  • The payment method will be selected from their most recently used non-expired credit or debit card.
  • Intuitive UX  means unlike most express pay providers, you can still amend your shipping, billing and card details just before purchase with a simple drop down list.

Working together with persistent baskets

A great additional feature of the bluCommerce checkout is Persistent Baskets. Providing the customer is logged in, the basket will retain all  items that have been added to their basket and will appear across all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

As the customer can easily pick up where they left off, the Persistent Basket feature can help you reduce shopping cart abandonment and the overall experience for customers is more consistent and effortless.

Combine that with Express Pay and shopping online just got even easier!

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