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blubolt Launches Redesigned Website For Skatehut

This month blubolt launched a redesigned, refreshed website for leading skate equipment retailer, Skatehut. We’re passionate about creating bespoke e-commerce websites which are scalable, agile, and have outstanding performance while being easily manageable. This redesign was the next step for Skatehut in achieving further growth. 

As the first website redesign in 10 years, Skatehut sought a more streamlined aesthetic to complement and showcase their huge product range in the best possible way. Moreover, the brand wanted to simplify and quieten a previously disorderly interface, and by doing so bring calls to action into sharper focus. This digital rebranding was essential in fulfilling their aim to become the industry’s leader skate and extreme sport equipment supplier – they required a comprehensive redesign to be in line with their growth goals.

Image showing a page from one of blubolt's recent redesigns.

Skatehut also wanted more unified content management capabilities, which was another key driving force behind this redesign. Now the brand has swifter access to manage, update, and edit their own content, essential for maintaining an agile marketing strategy when running key promotions and campaigns. In fact, streamlined content management has been an integral aspect of blubolt’s 2018 road map to allow retailers to have the freedom to manage their content and maintain agility.

UX played an equally important role in this redesign. Skatehut wanted to implement a much smoother, more intuitive user experience. The aim of this was to generate a greater sense of urgency with current promotions and nurture new and returning shoppers throughout the buying process. This in turn creates a clearer call to action by means of a sleeker design with a greater sense of ‘space’ compared to their previous design, which had a more restricted feel. The redesign also prompts more natural user navigation, with all product categories now easily accessible from the home page. Our blubolt in-house designers are experts when it comes to creating sleek designs which are both tantalisingly appealing but also functional with an approach geared towards maximising user experience.

Image showing a page from one of blubolt's recent redesigns.


Product detail pages too have had a revamp. Containing the same information and features to create that all-important sense of urgency (countdown timers, stock counters, etc.) but with a more spacious and inviting design. A brand new feature has also been added which lets users scroll seamlessly through product images while remaining in zoom view.


Image showing a page from one of blubolt's recent redesigns.

In short, Skatehut’s fresh new design grants the brand greater creative license together with a website which fulfils its key function of exhibiting and promoting the brand’s impressive product range in a more minimalistic way. The new website is also more mobile-friendly, providing a fluid mobile shopping experience. All of our bespoke created websites have a strong focus on mobile optimisation to craft a seamless omnichannel experience for users.

Less is certainly more when it comes to creating beautiful, intuitive websites. Want to discuss a platform for your brand? Feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear more.


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