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bluCommerce is the fast, feature-rich, and scalable eCommerce platform that powers our customers.
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A platform with technical innovation at its heart, and retailers' real needs at the forefront

bluCommerce isn't your off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all eCommerce platform. bluCommerce has been created by us, and continues to be constantly innovated by us, giving us the unique ability to create a platform that is perfectly suited to very real online retail challenges.

Our customers have been at the forefront of its evolution, allowing us to garner valuable insight from a wide variety of retail industries, from fashion, to homeware, to even food. It is this unique position that has allowed us to mould bluCommerce and keep it at the leading edge of eCommerce innovation.

Backed by PCI Level 1 security

bluCommerce is highly secure, with a PCI DSS Level 1 accredited service that processes payments on our eCommerce platform. This makes us one of very few eCommerce platforms meeting PCI DSS requirements right from the get-go. Achieving your own PCI DSS compliance on your bluCommerce website is therefore significantly easier than many other platforms.

  • Secure by design

    bluCommerce handles all sensitive cardholder data in a highly secure environment that is continually monitored by our infrastructure and systems. Learn more here

  • Supports major payment gateways

    bluCommerce works with major payment gateways, letting you pick the best way to securely take payments for your business without having to jump through compliance hoops!

Geared to your needs

A platform that integrates with your business systems

bluCommerce's elegant architecture allows straightforward integration with a wide range of third-party tools.

  1. Warehouse and stock management systems
  2. Shipping and fulfilment systems
  3. Payment provider systems
  4. Email marketing and re-targeting systems
  5. Recommendation engines
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With trail-blazing functionality

bluCommerce Checkout

Built from the ground up, the bluCommerce checkout provides a truly exceptional shopping experience for your customers. Features include click & collect integrations, named-day delivery methods, express payment options, and a super-slick mobile flow.

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bluCommerce Search

Using best-of-breed technology, bluCommerce provides a world-class eCommerce search system. At the heart is a strong focus on improving search accuracy, enhanced by using new language algorithms, ways to weight and match search terms, and ways to ultimately let users find the best-matching results.

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bluCommerce Mobile

The bluCommerce mobile solution is built for speed and ease of navigation for your customers, with features optimised to make the purchasing experience as easy as possible. The solution is tailored to your unique brand look and feel to give visitors a truly uniform cross-device experience.

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bluCommerce Subscriptions

Subscription systems are a hot topic right now, giving retailers smarter ways to attract and retain customers. The bluCommerce subscription system allows you to create 'VIP-style' clubs (such as offering free delivery or discounts), as well as creating recurring orders for product ranges (e.g. a pack of coffee every month).

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bluCommerce B2B

The bluCommerce B2B Solution is more than just a trade website where your customers can view your latest catalogue and place orders. This is a solution handles a spectrum of business needs, including fast re-ordering, customer-specific pricing rules, special payment options, and marketing material download tools.

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...all queued up by our dynamic platform roadmap

Our customers receive full visibility of upcoming updates and new functionality. Unlike other platforms, each customer is always on the current version, allowing them to always benefit from what's new.

That's adaptable & beautiful

Custom builder

Despite being a centrally-maintained platform, there is no formulaic approach to the frontend for brands using bluCommerce to power their eCommerce site. Each site we produce is sympathetic to your unique branding and messaging, to give your customers a seamless online and offline brand experience.

Beyond the look and feel, one of bluCommerce's many strengths lies in how it can be tailored and adapted to meet your unique online challenges.

Here are just a few of the recent examples!

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That's fast & reliable

We invest heavily into our platform infrastructure, ensuring our customers have full confidence in their online operation and never have to think about stability issues. We are very proud of our impeccable uptime record.

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