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Branding and Loyalty: The Perfect Partnership

Today we’re featuring a guest post from our good friends over at LoyaltyLion, who provide data-driven loyalty programs proven to increase customer retention and spend . Keep an eye out for our reciprocal post on their blog shortly…

Consistent communication is at the heart of good branding. At every touchpoint, your customers need to understand who you are as a business – from the products you sell to the values you stand for. This is especially important as 65% of shoppers buy on the basis of their beliefs and, on average, a 23% revenue increase is attributed to always presenting your brand consistently

Not only is a loyalty program a perfect way to amp up your customer experience, it’s also a way to shine the light on your unique brand identity

Why? Because ensuring your loyalty program is branded alongside the rest of your communications is essential to delivering the trustworthy and integrated experiences that result in longer-lasting customer relationships.

In this blog post, we’re going to dive into the many ways you can use a loyalty program to showcase who you are as a brand and to appeal to your ideal target audience


Setting yourself apart in a busy online world is difficult as opportunities to tell your customers about you are far and few between. People are searching for products, not stories, and are becoming more immune to digital advertising: Only 4% of digital ads are viewed for more than two seconds.

This is why it’s so important to use your loyalty program as a way to show your customers why you’re similar to them. 64% of customers cite that the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand is because of shared values. From the welcome emails you send to the rewards you offer, it’s important to forge an emotional connection with your shoppers both pre and post-purchase.

Annmarie Skin Care, for example, use their loyalty program and point update emails, to show their customers that they’re all about promoting ethical and green initiatives. 


By constantly celebrating their brand story, Annmarie Skin Care has built a trusted circle of like-minded shoppers around their brand. Their community of “Wild & Beautiful Collective Insiders” gives their existing customers a mission to back while also attracting new customers with aligned values.


Hey, Good Looking

According to the legendary designer, Paul Rand: “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

This is why it’s so important to filter your brand’s design elements into your loyalty program. If done successfully, your customers will be able to connect to your brand on an emotional level.

Experiment and make the most of the customisation capabilities a loyalty program offers. From the colour palette, iconography, graphics and typography, make sure everything blends seamlessly with the rest of your site

You could even take your customers’ loyalty experience to the next level by building out an integrated loyalty program. This gives customers a bespoke destination page to return to and engage with time and time again. Treat it like you would any new editorial campaign or collection and make sure it screams who you are so your customers and target audience can easily connect it to you. 

Beauty Bakerie, for example, has a full-page program that is full of vibrant colours, including their signature pink. Plus, they use their cursive typography throughout.


The messaging around your loyalty program is just as important as how it looks. Every brand has a tone of voice and personality. It shows how you’re just like your customers and an ally they need to introduce into their life. 

Start by naming your program and points currency something that resonates with your brand and audience. Your loyalty program’s name is the first thing your customers will engage with so make sure it’s both recognisable and appealing. 

For instance, Ren Clean Skincare named their program “Clean Collective Rewards” and their rewards points “Clean Credits”. This reinforces the brand’s overall mission to provide chemical-free products. 

Many loyalty programs also include tiers as a way to make their program both aspirational and engaging. Don’t let your tiers be a missed opportunity to shout about who you are. Try naming your tiers catchy or humorous names that draw your customers in so they want to find out more.

For example, Lucy and Yak – the sustainable dungarees company  – have named their tiers “Comfort lover”, “Yak enthusiast” and “Dungaree devotee” as nods towards both their products and bubbly brand.


It’s important to remember that the relationship between your brand and loyalty program goes both ways. Your overall brand identity is a great place to start when growing your loyalty program – from your personality to your colour palette and messaging. While, at the same time, your loyalty program helps elevate your brand into one that new and loyal customers will be excited to engage with for the long term. 

Want to learn some more ways a loyalty program can enhance your brand and customer experience? Check out our latest ebook, the LoyaltyLion Hall of Fame, to see how big name brands are using their loyalty programs as branding opportunities. 

About LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands worldwide. Merchants use LoyaltyLion when they want a fully customised loyalty program that is proven to increase customer engagement, retention and spend. Stores using LoyaltyLion typically generate at least $15 for every $1 they spend on the platform.


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