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Launching a sleek new B2C brand on Shopify Plus.

Rideminded is a new direct to consumer brand that’s all about the ride! Through every element of the product design process, the brand aims to deliver a better riding experience for customers. Their collection includes brands such as urbanArtt, Triad Scooters, Oath Components, Invert Sports, Triad Drift Trikes, and Sullivan Sports.




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The Challenge

Delivering a multi-national, direct-to-consumer website for a new brand.

Rideminded was keen to launch it’s first direct to consumer site on Shopify Plus. They also needed to serve multiple markets: the UK and Europe, North America, as well as New Zealand and Australia. With ambitious growth plans, Rideminded wanted a custom design that was easy to use and mobile-first.

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The Solution

Bespoke Shopify Plus theme.

Being their first foray into direct to consumer sales, blubolt created a bespoke Shopify Plus theme worthy of a yellow jersey! Delivering streamlined coding and a unique look and feel, the website ensures the user can ride seamlessly through the customer journey, finding exactly what they want while also being inspired along the way. Built on the Shopify Plus platform, the Rideminded site is both multinational (UK, European Union, USA, and Australia) and multichannel (Amazon and eBay).

Fast & fabulous user experience.

Blubolt capitalised on the Ridemindeds’ unique product ranges and extensive high-quality photography and video content with a sleek and super-fast user experience. In addition, blubolt ensured the site is highly usable and accessible to engage young and old customers alike.

Pedalling clean, fresh design.

Design-wise, the simple colour palette delivers a clean, fresh feel and allows for easy distinction between the different brands Rideminded sells on the site. blubolt also delivered on the mobile-first element, a key requirement for the brand, with easy navigation and clear communication of new, coming soon and pre-order products.

Time-saving integrations.

Behind the scenes, an integration with Linnworks connects and automates different elements of the sales process which will save Rideminded time. A further integration with Klaviyo provides new email marketing functionality, specifically the ability to capture more customer data, bespoke segmentation, personalised experiences, and powerful analytics to boot.

Cycling to success with Shopify Plus.

Rideminded’s new Shopify Plus website has delivered a stylish, fast, and highly functional direct to consumer storefront serving multiple markets. As a result, Rideminded is now poised to directly engage with its diverse customer base and drive new online revenue in a challenging retail climate.

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Delivering sharp & sophisticated design for a heritage brand on Shopify Plus.

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