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Laying down strong new roots.

Sarah Raven, who provide “everything you need for a beautiful and productive garden” have been a satisfied blubolt client for over five years now, and it’s a relationship that continues to flourish. When they initially approached us, they were looking for a replatform and total redesign, and we were very happy to oblige.

The Background

A perennial favourite.

As a brand with a strong sense of personality and ethos, governed by the founder, Sarah herself, it was important that the high quality of Sarah Raven’s offering was communicated. The online experience should be inspiring, encouraging and supportive. As such, blubolt wanted to make sure that customer selections lead to upsell suggestions that were helpful, rather intrusive or pushy. The site needed to be informative without feeling overwhelming, and of course, to make fantastic use of product imagery that captured the imagination of aspiring gardeners.

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The Solution

Choosing with confidence.

blubolt used extensive and creative product tagging, in combination with faceting menu functionality, to build a site that enabled users to customise their selection by flowering season, border position, soil requirements and many more variables. This high attention to detail meant that even inexperienced gardeners could research, select and purchase plants and seeds with total confidence, safe in the knowledge that they were buying something suitable for their unique environment.


Sewing seeds of trust.

Shopping for plants is a notoriously tricky experience to recreate online; living products can be difficult to produce with exact consistency and as a result, customers can be reluctant to purchase a specimen they cannot inspect or select themselves. To overcome this barrier, Sarah Raven’s website needed to command complete trust and confidence in quality from its users. blubolt achieved this sense of security by infusing the expertise of the company into the experience site itself, placing a strong emphasis on the wealth of knowledge offering in an accessible, intuitive manner.


Flower power.

The result of our collaboration with Sarah Raven is a site with a strong focus on supporting and empowering a wide range of customers to fully enjoy their garden’s potential. Browsing is an uplifting, inspiring experience, boosting confidence and offering encouragement and support at every turn.

Blooming marvellous.

As Sarah Raven celebrates 20 years in business, we’re delighted to be continuing in our role as their eCommerce partner, and look forward to many more years of assisting them in their mission to bring colour and confidence to gardens and gardeners everywhere.

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