bluCommerce Dashboards

A simple, fun, and interactive way to get an overview of your bluCommerce performance and blubolt operations.

Giving your team great visibility

“Having dashboards around the blubolt office has made such a big difference to our teams. They’ve increased visibility and increased motivation and I wanted to find a way to make something equally as engaging for our own customers!”

Warren AmphlettSupport Manager

  • Track performance

    Our real-time sales data feed gives you up to the minute statistics in your daily sales as well as comparisons over time. Your team can easily see if today's sales will be on target!

  • Monitor blubolt communications

    Get instant insight into how many support tickets you have open with us, active JIRA tickets in upcoming scheduled releases, and important system status messages.

Get closer to the numbers!

Real-time sales data

The bluCommerce Dashboards are configured to feed in a snapshot of your recent sales: orders and revenue so far today, users who have added to cart, as well as comparisons over the last 2 weeks.

You'll also see the Dashboard change colour when you are above or below target!

Keep tabs on release work

Our JIRA integration means you'll be able to see the status of all active developments with a simple view of how many items are being worked on for the next release sprint, and how many are with you for review or feedback.

Check your live support status

bluCommerce Dashboards integrate with our own support system, Zendesk, meaning you can see how many open support tickets you have with us.

You'll also see a snapshot of our overall system status, so you'll know if there are any reported issues your team needs to be aware of.

Never miss a date!

We've linked bluCommerce Dashboards to a simple Google Calendar feed that plots all upcoming important dates at blubolt - release dates, important events (e.g. holiday shut down), and more.

You can also specify a .ics calendar feed for the bluCommerce Dashboard to hook into, displaying your own internal events.

Get up & running

We've made it easy for our customers to get started with bluCommerce Dashboards.
All you need is a screen and access to the internet to start projecting your first dashboard!

  • 1

    Set up your screen

    To get the most out of bluCommerce Dashboards, we recommending displaying them on a wall-hung TV. You'll need a TV that has access to the internet (e.g. a Smart TV), or one that can connect to a Chromecast/Apple TV or pre-installed computer.

  • 2

    Grab your access code

    When you visit the special bluCommerce Dashboard URL, you'll be presented with a 6-digit pin code that will expire after 5 minutes.

  • 3

    Notify your administrator

    We've granted special admin access to one of your team, you'll just need to tell them this pin code and they can then authorise your screen.

  • 4

    You're all set!

    You'll see the bluCommerce Dashboard load on your screen with information relevant to your department.

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