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Charity Partnership

Proudly supporting
Bowel Cancer UK.

We're helping to raise awareness to STOP bowel cancer.

In Memory of Amy

A cause close to
our hearts ❤️

Many of you will know Amy Mattingly fondly. Perhaps from her tremendous creative talent that has helped shaped blubolt, or more recently from her public campaigning to help raise awareness of cancer.

In early 2017, after losing her baby to stillbirth, Amy received the devasting news that she had advanced bowel cancer that had spread to her liver. Initially Amy was told that she would have an operation that would erradicate the cancer and set her on the road to recovery. However, after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, it became apparent that the treatment had failed and the cancer was terminal.

A lasting legacy

She was brave and an
inspiration to us all.

Rather than accepting defeat, Amy used her experience of this horrible disease to incite change and educate the public, with the goal of trying to prevent others going through the same ordeal.

She gained huge following and support by raising awareness through media interviews and publications, sponsored charity walks, her Team Amy social media group, and many other campaigns that are testament to her strength and determination to help others.

Amy recorded her experience in her blog, Cats Love Peanut Butter, and her family regularly updates her Team Amy Facebook page with fond memories and ways to raise awareness.

In December 2018, Amy's partner, Chris Mattingly (Co-founder of blubolt), chose to write down what he had learned since Amy’s passing in a short book called The Five Pearls. He felt felt he had an important story to tell; not just as a legacy to remember Amy by, but to give hope for those who similarly have lost their loved ones.

You can download his book, The Five Pearls, here.

In April 2018, Amy passed away but left a lasting legacy at blubolt and to all that knew her.

Today, we remember Amy's creativity and enthusiasm at blubolt in a very special way. As part of our new identity, her flamboyant make-up colours have been incorporated into our "b". We know Amy would have loved this and it's a way for us all to remind ourselves of how special she was to us all.

Our dedication to Bowel Cancer UK is also now embedded in our new identity.

Inspired by their own rebrand in 2018, we have incorporated their brand colours of yellow and green into our own palette. The colours represent the importance of our partnership and our commitment to try and help make a difference against this disease.

Explore our rebrand

"Amy was a constant source of inspiration and energy and gave so much to help others. blubolt is a shining example of doing exactly the same in Amy’s memory and it is this drive and determination which is helping us work towards creating a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer. Every pound raised means that Bowel Cancer UK can do more to stop the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. We are unbelievably grateful for everything blubolt do to help fund our vital research and lifesaving work. Put quite simply, their support means more lives will be saved"

Luke Squires

Director of Fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK
Bowel Cancer UK

Leading the change across the UK.

In 2018, Bowel Cancer UK joined with charity Beating Bowel Cancer to become the UK's leading bowel cancer charity. Their mission is simple: to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer.

Working with people affected by bowel cancer and the clinical and research community, Bowel Cancer UK campaign for early diagnosis and access to best treatment and care across the UK. The challenge is very real and it's only with the help of supporters that change can happpen.


Our goal is to raise £10,000 every year!

  • 01


    We'll be doing events such as 'slime a blubolt-er' (TV gameshow-style) and other fun campaigns to attract interest.

  • 02

    Team activities

    Who says 1/2 marathons can't be fun! We'll be getting involved in local Bristol and Bath events and getting fit at the same time!

  • 03

    Public Events.

    We'll be hosting a variety of events throughout the year, including BBQs, bake sales, and even a charity ball.

  • 04

    New online store.

    We'll be helping Bowel Cancer UK relaunch their online shop to allow supporters to more easily buy clothing and accessories to help in their fundraising.

Some of our activities so far!


The Rough Runner

A tough obstacle race that saw our team pull together to get everyone around the course.

Bristol 10K

An elite team of blubolt runners pounded the pavements of Bristol, raising money and their pulses.

The blubolt bake-sale!

Having set up stall in front of our office, we encouraged passing tourists to sample our baking skills!

The blubolt Summer Party

Our annual team summer social became a fundraiser, and were delighted to welcome Debora Alsina, CEO of Bowel Cancer UK.

The leap of faith!

A few brave blubolters quite literally took the plunge; an incredible experience for an amazing cause.

The brain of blubolt

A traditional pub quiz pitted our team against each other as they battled for first place - we plan to repeat these regularly!

The blubolt Spring bake-sale

Another bake-off success on Queen Square with the passers-by and local offices getting to try and tasty treats!


Keep up to date
with all our events!

We post regularly on social media about upcoming fundraising activities and you can follow us below!

Help us make a difference
and STOP bowel cancer.


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