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Inside the story of blubolt’s rebrand

blubolt creates beautiful online experiences that reflect the true nature of the brands we work with. With this in mind, it was especially important that our own identity faithfully represented who we are, and what we do…

Time for change…

At the end of 2018, blubolt was ready for growth. With growth comes change, and we knew that as we took steps towards an exciting new phase in our existence, this evolution needed to be visually represented. Our rebrand signifies new beginnings – growth that promises many exciting new opportunities, for our people and partners, whilst remaining rooted in a strong sense of our history.

A bolt from the blue…

The origins of blubolt’s name are swathed in mystery and rumour, but if we’re being honest, we think it might have had something to do with copious amounts of a certain energy drink being consumed around the time of our founding. Whatever subliminal factors were at play in those days, the name stuck and blubolt we became.

The four pillars of blubolt

We were ready to create an identity that went above and beyond: something that truly represented our approach, attitude and values. When we distilled everything that blubolt stands for and represents, we recognised four key pillars; the absolute heart of our business, that carry our successes and on which everything else rests.

Our key strengths.
Creativity, technology, stability and service are represented by four base colours. They blend, overlap and complement each other, just like our strengths.

We help brands flourish.
Like a flower changing colour as it grows, develops and blooms, our logo’s gradient evolves.

The lasting legacy of Amy Mattingly.
Amy brought creativity and enthusiasm to our lives and the business. Our logo also honours the sense of fun and colour that she expressed through her dress sense and makeup.

Our commitment to Bowel Cancer UK.
Their brand colours of yellow and green are integrated into our own palette. This is representative of our continued support for the essential work that they continue to do.

More than a logo

The focal point of our rebrand; our logo aims to represent each of our core values. As blubolt evolves and starts an exciting new chapter as a multi-platform agency, we’re delighted to have our brand and values represented in this new way. It’s more than a logo: it’s our identity.

Keeping it colourful

When creating our new brand palette, we gravitated towards a colour gradient to express the bright, brave persona of the blubolt brand. Using our brand colours, the transition of each shade into the next is reflective our aim to help brands evolve and flourish. We wanted to capture the spirit of change, harmony and progression that great eCommerce can enable.

Welcome to the new blubolt. Our branding represents not only our personality and guiding principles, but also our outlook and attitude to the future; growth, delighted customers and beautiful ecommerce.

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