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Define Your Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy To Drive Revenues

We put together this top tips post to craft a winning Mother’s Day marketing strategy, but it doesn’t stop there. Repurpose these tips as you need for just about any e-commerce date and you’ll be well on your way to optimising your marketing ROI.

One of the key e-commerce dates of the year is just around the corner: Mother’s Day (Sunday 11th March in the UK, Sunday 13th May in the US). The international celebration of mothers and all the amazing things that they do is one of the main spending days of the year.

Last year’s figures came in at just under £1 billion, a figure which looks set to climb even higher this year and most shoppers will be buying their gifts online. This means a chance for you to both boost revenue but also to create a positive image of your company and brand by employing the right Mother’s Day marketing strategy.

An image showing bright red roses, an example of rich visual content which could make up part of your Mother's Day Marketing Strategy.

Falling between Valentine’s Day and Easter means that your marketing calendar is certainly going to be hectic for the next couple of months, but some careful thought and forward planning will allow for optimum execution of your campaigns to boost your revenues on all of these important dates.

Get thinking about your Mother’s Day marketing strategy early

Establishing a Mother’s Day marketing strategy in advance = success. Don’t leave it until the last minute or your competitors may have already won the hearts (and pounds) of your audience before you get the chance to.

Aim to get people thinking about Mother’s Day and its link to your company early on. By doing this you’ll make a lasting impression on them. A good timeframe is 2 – 3 weeks before. Any earlier and you may seem too eager which, in turn, may have the opposite effect on customers.

That said, people looking to splash out on their mothers this year with more high-end purchases are less likely to do so at the last minute. These shoppers are more inclined to give their purchase some thought and conduct their research properly. Exploit this behaviour by spreading awareness of your more luxurious Mother’s Day products slightly earlier on. 

Apart from that, a sizeable portion of shoppers will leave their gift-buying until the last week or two before Mother’s day, with 18% even waiting until just 48 hours before to make their decision. However, if you’ve made a lasting impression on them with your tailored, targeted marketing tactics then they’ll know where to head when they’re scrambling for their gift! For this reason it’s a good tactic to offer free delivery on Mother’s Day gifts right up until the last minute. We’ll explain why in a bit more detail further down.

Plan a Mother’s Day social media campaign

Mother’s Day is definitely the time to flex your social media prowess!

Utilise all that time that your customers spend on social media and start planning your Mother’s Day marketing strategy there. Create a specific hashtag relating to Mother’s Day and to your business for people to follow and repost. Then, encourage users to take pictures of their mums using your hashtag perhaps together with a reason why their mum is the best.

Start sharing Mother’s Day gift ideas from your website together with DIY suggestions, too. This is a good way to avoid a hard-sell and actually gives your customers more inspiration to make a purchase.

Use a colour scheme for your posts (pink is, of course, the most popular option) so that people start to recognise the “story” that you’re telling leading up to Mother’s Day. This will help your company stick in their mind when it comes to purchasing options, even if they don’t realise it!

An image showing pancakes and strawberries: a typical Mother's Day breakfast and an idea you could explore on your blog as part of your Mother's Day marketing strategy.

Offer free shipping and gift wrapping

We mentioned earlier that offering free shipping is a great way to encourage last-minute shoppers to buy from your website as it means their purchase entails no extra costs. If you’re really feeling generous you could even offer a free gift wrapping option.

This will appeal to shoppers who might lack the time to prepare everything themselves and would prefer to have the gift sent straight to their mother’s address. More generally it shows customers that you’re willing to go that extra mile, that you’ve really considered their needs.

You could also include a countdown timer on product pages to show shoppers how long they have left to ensure delivery in time for Mother’s Day. This is a feature that will increase their sense of urgency, further nudging them towards making a purchase.

Tailor your content to pull on those heartstrings

Remember that the overarching aim on Mother’s Day is to help customers celebrate both their own mothers and others in their lives. So it goes without saying that your site’s content needs to be tailored as part of your Mother’s Day marketing strategy to personalise the shopping experience for your customers and recognise their emotional side.

For example, you could place any Mother’s Day product and shopping offers right on your landing page to draw user’s attention as soon as they land on your site. Or, you could have a dedicated sub-section on your main site menu filled with enticing Mother’s Day gift ideas and offers.

This level of personalisation reminds people of the upcoming date and gets them in the mood to make a purchase early on and tick it off their to-do list.

Your blog is also a key tool here to drive interest in Mother’s Day offers. Don’t worry if you haven’t been maintaining a regular blogging schedule. Blow the cobwebs off your blog and create posts dedicated to Mother’s Day that are relevant to your audience. Rich content such as video tutorials and so on is an effective option by being both entertaining and informative for your customers.

Remember: it’s not just mums who get gifts on Mother’s Day

Yes it’s all in the name, but it’s not just their own mums that people buy for on Mother’s Day!

Shoppers will also be buying gifts for their grandmas, sisters, aunties and just about any other female relatives who happen to be mothers. It’s why if you head to the card section of a gift shop, you’ll see a variety of Mother’s Day cards for almost all female relatives.

This means that shoppers won’t be making just the most obvious search queries, so capitalise on this consumer behaviour and think wisely about keyword placement. Which, conveniently, leads us onto our next point…

Optimise your PPC campaign

Optimising your PPC campaign in the last week or so before the big day should be a key component o f your Mother’s Day marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site. Why? Because all those precious clicks will be rolling in during this period as people realise that the date is fast approaching. These are the super hot leads you need to drive revenue!

You should ideally boost your AdWords budget in the 1- 2 week time window leading up to the day and expand your keywords accordingly. This will let you capitalise on people’s search behaviour leading up to the date. An optimization strategy like this will also get your site in front of the eyes of the searchers making last-minute purchases.

Use sitelink extensions to draw people’s attention to specific Mother’s Day related pages and offers on your site. This is especially useful for last-minute shoppers who will be quickly scanning the search results looking for specific keywords so as to make their purchase decision as quickly as possible. Sitelink extensions will entice them to click through by saving them having to click on a site and look around only to then leave after they don’t find what they’re looking for.

Take a look at these great, easy-to-implement tips on how to optimise your AdWords for Mother’s Day from Huff Post.

Fire up your Pinterest account

Mother’s Day shoppers are all about visuals: they want gift ideas and they want them now.

This is why Pinterest is one of the most popular social media options for people researching Mother’s Day gifts. Haven’t got an account? Then get one! It’s an ever-growing social media network with just as much potential as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The site allows you to create moodboards, DIY boards, gift idea boards and so on. Include links to gift ideas on your website where appropriate, but avoid the hard-sell here. This is about encouraging customers to visit your site by appealing to their creative and visual sides.

Offer product discounts

As with shopping discounts, offering product discounts is also an excellent method of showing customers you’re serious about helping them out with their Mother’s Day shopping.

An image showing a teddy bear and a box in gift wrapping. Offering product discounts and free gift wrapping should be part of your Mother's Day marketing campaign.

Offering discounts for early Mother’s Day purchases is a good way of drawing people in early on. For example you could keep the offers limited to the first week of your campaign and compare your sales of related products in that week to the following one.

You could also offer discounts on certain items in conjunction with other related items that customers could gift to their female relatives. This is a good way of up-selling products, in turn increasing ROI from your Mother’s Day marketing strategy.

Send eye-catching email marketing campaigns

Remember what we said about Mother’s Day shoppers loving visuals? This definitely applies to your email marketing campaigns, too.

Stay light on the text and heavy on the images. Take a look at some previous highly successful Mother’s Day email marketing campaigns and note how much visual content these companies used.

A good place to start with your Mother’s Day email marketing campaign would be to send out the first batch of early money-off promotions to garner people’s attention. Remember to only offer these for a limited amount of time and mention this in the subject line. This will create that key sense of urgency for savings to be made early on.

And remember, don’t start sending out emails too early or you might just have the opposite of your desired effect and put people off!


In conclusion, your Mother’s Day marketing strategy should focus on catching shoppers early on in their buying process, but not too early. At the opposite end of the scale are the last-minute shoppers who are equally as important and who will most likely be the main target for your strategy.

Don’t just target the obvious keywords when tailoring your content and creating a Mother’s Day PPC campaign. Expand your keywords to include other female relatives that shoppers may potentially be buying for to spread your reach as wide as possible and show customers that you’ve covered all eventualities.

Offering general and timely discounts on your Mother’s Day products and shipping are both surefire ways of enticing shoppers. Even more so when offered in combination. This offers customers a comprehensive solution to their problem: a Mother’s Day gift at a discounted price delivered on time and for free. In other words, exactly what they’re looking for!

Leverage your social media: it’s a formidable tool on key e-commerce dates such as Mother’s Day. Tell a story with your posts leading up to the day. Create a unique hashtag for your followers to use and follow. This will make your company stick out more effectively in their minds when considering their Mother’s Day purchase options.

Last but very much not least, remember to tailor your content accordingly as Mother’s Day rolls around. Ultimately, the majority of purchase decisions are made subconsciously. So, if your brand generates positive associations at this level, you will drive revenue not just for Mother’s Day but also in the long-term. Loading your brand with positive associations through the use of impact-rich content on the right channels is undoubtedly a key aspect of your Mother’s Day marketing strategy.


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