bluCommerce Pay

The bluCommerce PCI DSS compliant service, providing the highest level of payment security for your eCommerce website.

A PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant Service

bluCommerce Pay is the highly secure, PCI DSS Level 1 accredited service that processes payments on our eCommerce platform, bluCommerce, making us one of very few eCommerce platforms meeting PCI DSS requirements right from the get-go. Achieving PCI DSS compliance on your bluCommerce website is significantly easier than many other platforms.

  • Secure by design

    Integrating seamlessly into the checkout process, bluCommerce Pay handles all sensitive cardholder data in a highly secure environment that is continually monitored.

  • Supports major payment gateways

    bluCommerce Pay works with major payment gateways, letting you pick the best way to securely take payments for your business without having to jump through compliance hoops!

Complies with the latest PCI Standards

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a series of security requirements that have been designed to ensure businesses who handle sensitive cardholder data, at any point in the transaction, are doing so as safely as possible.

As a Service Provider, our PCI DSS Level 1 accreditation recognises our commitment to security and to also bring great benefits to our customers. And of course, peace of mind! Retailers who use Service Providers that are PCI compliant at a Level 1 accreditation can also ‘check-off’ aspects of their eCommerce site for compliance, saving time, money, and resources.

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"Their recent achievement of securing PCI Level 1 compliance is a further testament to their hard work and technical approach. CNS Group are delighted to have been involved in that significant achievement and look forward to working with blubolt in the future as they continue to reinforce their impressive cyber posture."

Geoff BradleyPrincipal IA Consultant, CNS Group

How bluCommerce Pay works

Integrated into our checkout, when customers choose to pay by card, we include bluCommerce Pay in an iframe. To the customer, operation is seamless with look and feel matching the rest of the checkout design. Behind the scenes, this allows us to minimise access to sensitive cardholder data before sending it across to your payment gateway for processing.

bluCommerce Pay is implemented using a secure-by-design philosophy, with multiple security controls and policies at every level to meet the PCI requirements. Amazon Web Services host the infrastructure to ensure best-in-class security, availability, and reliability.

  • Tested & Scanned regularly

    bluCommerce Pay passes stringent penetration tests and vulnerability scans to ensure maximum security compliance.

  • Look and feel to match your brand

    Although managed independently, bluCommerce Pay can be customised to match your websites' look and feel.

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