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We offer a choice of two platforms, Shopify Plus and bluCommerce, ensuring that the bespoke nature of our work is baked in from the start of every project.

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Shopify Plus & bluCommerce Shopify Plus & bluCommerce

We build on 2 platforms, Shopify Plus and bluCommerce, each sprinkled with powerful features.

Our platforms, Shopify Plus and bluCommerce, offer a host of features to help accelerate your success and scale alongside you.

Guaranteed Features

Two of a kind

Shopify Plus and bluCommerce share these essential characteristics.

Scale without fail

Optimised for growth.

Shopify Plus and bluCommerce are known for their ability to keep pace with the most ambitious of brands.

Optimised for growth Optimised for growth
Hush website Seamless & effortless Seamless & effortless
Seamless & effortless

Rich shopping experiences.

Shopify Plus and bluCommerce are ideal bases for intuitive, user-focused sites that customers keep coming back to.

Safety First

Secure Checkout.

Peace of mind is paramount in Shopify Plus and bluCommerce; both platforms promise first class security.

PCI DSS Level 1

Shopify Plus Checkout Process
  • Amazon Pay
  • Klarna
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Paypal
Mobile payments on Shopify Plus and bluCommerce
Pick a card, any card

Multiple payment methods.

Remove barriers to conversion; speed up or split payments seamlessly with Shopify Plus and bluCommerce.

On the go

Mobile first.

88% of shoppers now carry out research on their smartphone before making a purchase. Get mobile-first ready with Shopify Plus and bluCommerce

Mobile first on Shopify Plus Mobile first on Shopify Plus
Customise & control on Shopify & bluCommerce
All options open

Customise & control.

The Shopify Plus and bluCommerce platforms enable powerful customisation and flexibility.


Some of our integration partners.

Our offering comes in two feature rich flavours…

Which is right for you?

Why bluCommerce?

An adaptable platform with technical innovation
at its heart, and retailers' real needs at the forefront.

The ideal platform for ambitious brands at any stage of business growth, bluCommerce expertly caters to those requiring bespoke features and a more complex build. Offering unparalleled adaptability and flexible functionality to meet the most specific of needs, bluCommerce combines out of the box solutions with a host of trusted tech partner services, to help brands reach their full potential.

How do we know? Because we built it!

bluCommerce is our homegrown platform, meaning its evolution has been guided at every stage by the day-to-day retail challenges of our partners. The real-world insights that we’ve gained from these relationships have enabled us to create a feature-rich and dependable platform that handles high volume transactions without breaking a sweat.

A few using this platform

Seasalt were voted the 2nd best eCommerce site 2018 by Which?

Which Magazine and Seasalt
  • £300M +

  • 99.99%

    Platform uptime
  • 70M +


The Key Benefits of bluCommerce

  • 01

    Made-to-measure solutions.

    bluCommerce provides the ultimate in custom solutions, and we regularly consult with clients regarding new features and the product roadmap.

  • 02

    Industry-leading B2B.

    This platform is particularly well suited to high volume B2B wholesale trading.

  • 03

    Powerful promotions.

    bluCommerce has fantastic baked-in capacity for flexible, multifaceted online promotions and offers.

  • 04

    More than a website, a lifestyle.

    bluCommerce offers a wide range of features designed for lifestyle brands, including in-page content editing and visual merchandising.

  • 05

    PCI Level 1 Compliance.

    bluCommerce promises the highest level of security and best data protection possible.

  • 06

    Flexible, intuitive customisation

    A protected CMS that is easy to master – edit and update with total confidence.

bluCommerce the right platform for you?

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Why Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus

A robust commercial platform offering unlimited
bandwidth and pain-free implementation at scale.

Shopify have become synonymous with sleek multichannel commerce experiences, and we’re delighted to recommend their enterprise offering, Shopify Plus, as a platform option for brands looking to build out a fully-hosted, cloud based online empire.

The emphasis with Plus is on effortless implementation, seamless integrations and world class service. Their uptime, server speeds and support are all world class. In addition to this, the platform is supported and complemented by a very healthy API and App ecosystem, offering almost unlimited extra bolt on features and functionality beyond the already solid basic offering.

From our blog

Shopify Plus joins blubolt’s platform offering

"From a fully renovated office space to the recent company rebrand, the last few months have been eventful for blubolt. Welcome to the family, Shopify Plus!"

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Shopify Plus Admin Dashboard
  • 1.5+

    Million Hits
  • 8,000+

    Orders per min
  • 99.99%


The Key Benefits of Shopify Plus

  • 01

    A big name without the matching price tag.

    The reliable scalability you’d expect from an enterprise level provider, at a very impressive price point.

  • 02

    Strong and ever-growing ecosystem.

    A huge community of expert developers, designers and marketers work exclusively within the Shopify space, providing endless extra capabilities.

  • 03

    Multichannel perfected.

    Fully committed to providing powerful, seamless multi channel retail, on and offline.

  • 04

    Launchpad tool.

    The power to schedule bulk changes to your store to coincide with events such as flash sales and product launches.

  • 05

    “Fuss Free” interaction.

    eCommerce feels effortless; interaction and product updates are easy and code-free.

  • 06

    Round the clock support

    In addition to priority platform support, you’ll have access to a dedicated Shopify Plus Success Manager.

Shopify plus the right platform for you?

Get in touch and we can assist with your decision.

Which is the right fit for your business?

Shopify Plus Logo
  • Faster, simpler implementation
  • Multichannel expertise
  • Extensive app ecosystem
  • Intuitive, easy interface
bluCommerce Logo
  • Bespoke builds for complex needs
  • Powerful, flexible promotions
  • Industry leading B2B
  • Highly adaptable backend
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