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Retailer Control: Streamlined Content Management on the blubolt Road Map

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content is king’, and it’s true. High-quality content that resonates with your audience, whether in the form of text, imagery, or videos, has never been more important. Well-crafted text supported by effective imagery will win the hearts, minds and loyalty of your customers. Search engines love great content too, especially content that is regularly updated.

With that in mind, streamlined content management is crucial to be able to keep up with market trends and to launch, monitor and edit new content strategies. Furthermore, the need to personalise this content to individual shoppers is also of vital importance in a constantly expanding online realm where people seek content that is relevant to them.

Image showing different e-commerce landing page designs.

We recognise this importance, and it’s why the second theme on our 2018 roadmap is Retailer Control. We’re providing retailers with a more adaptable frontend to better fulfil individual business requirements:

  • Content navigation and control: our focus in this area is on providing more streamlined accessibility to all of your content, giving you the freedom to easily manage your own pages without development assistance. By having easy access to every single page on your website, both product pages and non-product pages, you can maintain more agile marketing campaigns and respond quickly to changes in customer behaviour. We’re also giving more flexibility on how retailers design, build and deploy rich-content pages, to see ideas and visions come to fruition in a much quicker turnaround. After all, personalisation is not just of huge importance to the shopping experience, but also to you as a business owner to have the power to easily align your e-commerce site with your business goals and to deliver the best possible experience that reflects your brand values.


  • Product merchandising. Having immediate access to your fantastic content is the first component of the Retailer Control  theme, the next is one of this year’s main e-commerce talking points: personalisation. We’ll be integrating a new tool that will enhance the merchandising and personalisation capabilities of bluCommerce. This will allow our customers to generate personalised recommendation slots and even personalised product listing pages that are tailored to individual customers based on machine learning and insights into customer behaviour. Remember that onsite personalisation is crucial in driving conversions by showing shoppers the content that is highly relevant to them, an area which the most successful online retailers excel in, and for good reason.

As the second theme on our blubolt 2018 road map, Retailer Control is aimed at granting retailers more freedom to manage the entirety of their content and thus the agility to roll out new strategies to drive business forward. Personalising this content using insights gained from machine-learning gives retailers further control as well as the ability to maximise conversion rates with highly relevant, customer-tailored landing pages and even product detail pages.

Stay tuned for the third theme on this year’s road map: Performance and scalability. 


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