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Looking to supercharge your eCommerce site? Headless eCommerce may just be the answer.

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Why Headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce has the potential to give your online operation a competitive advantage with benefits around performance, speed, and customer experience.

  • Speed.

    Going headless means achieving unrivalled load-times for the end-user. Performance scores can also rank exceptionally well on tools such as Google PageSpeed, improving SEO.

  • Flexibility.

    Headless means there's a 'separation of concern' between core elements of your eCommerce site (frontend and backend); you can move quickly and build faster.

  • Customisation.

    A huge benefit of headless is the level of customisation you can apply; not just to the design and frontend, but how key backend systems talk to each other.

  • Experimentation.

    The most successful eCommerce operations continuously test and learn. A headless architecture means you can more rapidly set up micro tests and experiments.

  • Integration.

    Providing there's an API, you can almost certainly integrate it into your eCommerce site. Integrations are generally cleaner and can be deployed more rapidly.

  • Future-proof.

    By not being tied into to a singular platform or system, you potentially mitigate risk and make it easier to make systems and tooling changes going forward.

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About Headless eCommerce.

Let's rewind a step. What exactly is headless eCommerce and is it right for everyone? Headless eCommerce - in its most simple form - is the 'decoupling' of the frontend and the backend of your website. The separation of the design of your site versus the adminstration and integrations on your site. The pixels versus the systems. With most eCommerce platforms, this frontend and backend are intrinsically linked within the code-base and how it is all architected; it's how eCommerce platforms are able to deliver such a wide range of features and functions since it's largely all connected.

This brings huge benefits to many eCommerce operations; eCommerce platforms and now very accessible, affordable, and most respond fast to changing consumer demands. So what's the issue? What problem does Headless eCommerce actually solve? Primarily, it's a response to deliver a more 'seamless' experience to today's shoppers. We no longer just shop online via a singular website; we're interacting with different devices and mediums, we're even shopping in different ways such as via augmented reality or via voice search.

Headless eCommerce brings many other benefits. It gives companies the opportunity and flexibilty to better integrate all these channels without being slowed down by technology. They can move faster, create better experiences, and ultimately create more loyal customers. Is Headless eCommerce the magic bullet for eCommerce success? Not necessarily. Let's talk more about use-cases and if it should be considered for your business.

The argument for Headless eCommerce.

Content-rich experiences.

Your online brand experience would benefit from a more customised and content-led experience for your customers.

Multi touch-point.

Your digital strategy goes beyond just a website. You're looking to link together new technologies and buying mediums.

Unique business rules.

You currently have multifarious systems that, whilst they work, are increasingly difficult to manage and operate efficiently.

Testing and experimenting.

You want to rapidly and safely implement micro (and macro) changes to your online channels and make decisions faster.

Rapid growth.

You're outgrowing your existing eCommerce platform and your team wants more control and flexibility to make sure you keep ahead.

Rapid performance.

You have evidence that page performance is impacting your conversion rate and you need to address this quickly.

What else to consider:

Management & support.

Going headless will almost certainly mean implementing and learning new tools and ways of working. Your technical support needs are likely to be greater than with an 'all in one' eCommerce solution.

Functionality gaps.

For day one, it's likely that functionality that you once may have had won't be available. Headless solutions are designed to suit your needs more precisely, but be prepared to pair down your features and functions.


Headless eCommerce solutions - due to their bespoke nature - potentially take longer to implement which will come at a cost. There may also be associated costs around new tools and systems you need to use.


It's likely that you may need to enter a longer-term partnership with an agency, should you use them for your built process. There are great benefits to this, but it may narrow down your choice of potential partners to work with.

Is headless eCommerce right for your business?

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Shopify Plus Headless eCommerce.

How does Shopify fit in? Shopify is heralded as a best-in-class solution to deliver Headless eCommerce. Here are a few live Shopify examples built by Shopify partners using the Storefront API technology.

Our approach to headless eCommerce

Over the last decade and more, we've built a reputation for building innovative and progressive eCommerce solutions. Using the power of Shopify, we're now ready to serve new customers to deliver cutting-edge headless eCommerce solutions. Here are just some of the partners and technologies we work with:

"Shopify Plus is by far the most agile platform I have worked on from all levels, allowing retailers the flexibility to adapt to the market, backed by enterprise-level stability and support. Merchants can focus on growing their business not their infrastructure!"
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Leigh Barnes

Frontend Manager, blubolt. Leigh has worked on over 100 Shopify roll-outs.