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Shopify Optimisation.

With our expert insights and recommended enhancements, we’ll help you supercharge your Shopify Plus site and elevate your brand.

Shopify Optimisation
The blubolt service

Expert optimisation to help you seize untapped ecommerce opportunities.

Forming the core of our bluprint for success programme, our optimisation service both lightens the load and enhances the strategic firepower of time-poor ecommerce managers.

With a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, meaningful testing, insightful analysis and clear recommendations, we’ll help you continuously improve your customer experience and increase conversions. It’s your bluprint for success with blubolt and Shopify Plus.

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Shopify Optimisation
Service options

What optimisation packages do you offer?

We offer two optimisation packages - 6 and 12-month - that include the following services:

  • - Data analysis
  • - User behaviour insights
  • - Expert reviews
  • - Competitor landscape research
  • - Experimentation
  • - Measure, test, & auditing
  • - Pro-active roadmap planning
How the blubolt CRO process works

Our conversion rate optimisation service covers five core elements:

  1. 1

    Data analysis.

    Identifying what is happening on your ecommerce site and where.

  2. 2

    User behaviour insight.

    Understanding why it’s happening by reviewing customer behaviour across different sources.

  3. 3

    Competitor landscape.

    Analysing your industry and identifying what your competitors are doing better.

  4. 4

    Expert review.

    Conducting heuristic analysis and frameworks to find opportunities.

  5. 5

    Measure & test.

    Prioritising recommendations and thoroughly testing our hypothesis.

Our Approach

Conversion rate optimisation is a continual process, not a one-off exercise!

Shopify Optimisation

At blubolt, our optimisation service delivers a:

  • Continual process of research
  • Prioritised roadmap for development
  • Experimentation at the heart of everything we do.

Launch your optimisation bluprint for success

As part of our bluprint for success programme, your optimisation plan will be as unique as your business so get in touch for an obligation-free chat today. You’ll have access to:

bluprint for success - Our Expert Teams

Our Expert Teams.

You’ll have easy access to our friendly, highly-qualified Optimisation team to discuss our plans and recommendations in detail.

bluprint for success - Guaranteed Support

Guaranteed Optimisation Hours.

Our plans scale with you. You can choose the right level of optimisation support - from diagnostics to planning and delivery - to suit your business.

bluprint for success - A Flexible Roadmap

Detailed Documentation.

You’ll always be in the know! We supply detailed evidence and actionable insights plus a ‘live’ CRO matrix documenting all findings and recommendations.

Accredited Shopify Plus Partner Agency

Elevating your brand with our unique combination of design & technical creativity on Shopify Plus.

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