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To Move Forward, Get Static: Unlocking The Power Of The Landing Page

With the online retail space more competitive than ever, getting eyes on your offering has never been more important. It’s not just a numbers game anymore; traffic is one thing, but conversion, as we all know, is key, and this means having the ability to recognise and meet opportunities with an agile, targeted response is crucial.

Landing pages are a proven tactic for this kind of targeted conversion, with stats suggesting that that businesses with more than 40 active landing pages generate on average 12 times as many leads as those with less than five. And thanks to bluCommerce, building and deploying these hardworking pages just got a lot easier.

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Modern eCommerce, when well executed, places high importance on user journey, and recent years have seen a huge rise in personalised experience when browsing, shopping and communicating online. One of the reasons that landing pages prove to be such a popular and effective conversion tactic is their ability to act as a reliable magnet for lead generation, getting sales across the line and building easily segmented, well-defined audiences. They’re able to do this because they fulfil a simple brief with maximum efficiency; getting the right content, in front of the right people, at the right time.

Static landing pages don’t offer the same search-based customisation of their dynamic cousins, but due to the nature of this type of page’s use, still bring a clear message, defined call to action and persuasive nudge rooted in the journey of the user up until that point. This article will explore a few of the benefits of static landing pages, and the recent feature release from blubolt that’s bringing a whole new level of control and creativity to our clients.

The Main Benefits of Static Landing Pages

One of the chief benefits of a static landing page is its ability to help drive more highly converting traffic to your site. The fact that static pages are eminently SEO friendly (more so than a dynamic page would be) is a massive boon here; search engines can index this type of page with ease, and assuming your site content is relevant to the chosen keywords, you’re in a great place. And of course, as more landing pages are added to your site, search engines have that much more to index, giving you an additional SEO boost.

Static pages are also fast to load; a necessity when trying to capture a more impulsive click through. Being very purpose-driven, goal-focused pages, they’re also easy to maintain once set up and in place. They can, of course, serve as a gateway to the rest of your site, but there’s also merit in the fact that teams have the option to hide this type of page from their general site search.

As there’s no real limit to the number of static landing pages you can deploy on a site, you also give yourself the opportunity to present offers that feel more relevant and appealing to your site users, relative to whichever point of the sales cycle they happen to be in. This is achieved by having a broader range of offers, content and demos etc represented by their own landing page, targeting them to those most likely to be won over.

How Can Static Landing Pages Be Utilised for eCommerce?

There are a wide range of ways in which static landing pages can be utilised within an eCommerce context. In their purest form, they can help to facilitate product launches, listing page alternates for paid advertising, in conjunction with marketing campaigns, or as the final destination for email or specific PPC campaigns. There’s also incredible scope for these pages to be put to use with regard to promotions and coupon / direct mail campaigns.

Other potential uses include education of your audience, either with content that remains within the context of your site, or via downloadable resources that can be retained and easily referred back to. Similarly broader content can be offered through this type of static landing page, that supports and bolsters the message, lifestyle and aspirations of your brand. Static pages of this nature are often utilised within a content marketing context, where an exchange of data for content is made, or to encourage an incentivised newsletter sign up.

They can also be a great option for providing information around temporary events, which don’t require a permanent home on your site. Similarly, job listings, which you may wish to draw attention to but don’t require to remain live after vacancies are filled. Other potential uses include the promotion of contests or competitions or sign-ups to special schemes or VIP customer clubs. These hardworking pages have a huge amount of scope, and are easily created and maintained, so ultimately, your only limit is your creativity.

Introducing The New bluCommerce Static Pages Feature

This month, the bluCommerce team announced the latest feature to be added to our in-house platform; Static Pages. This represents the first step in providing our bluCommerce clients with the ability to create and manage as many landing pages as they would like, within a self-service model.

bluCommerce always strives to give clients as much control as possible over their own content, allowing them maximum freedom with their sites. By handing over the reins in this department, our own internal development resources are freed up, enabling blubolt to continue working on new features and platform functionality.

Here’s a look at some of the key functions of our new Static Pages feature:

    • Ability to do create pages using either a WYSIWYG editor or HTML, CSS and JS
    • Create multiple static pages, with custom URLs
    • Specify the sites you wish the page  to appear on (e.g. UK/US, B2B/B2C)
    • SEO control over the breadcrumbs you wish to appear on the site
    • Define meta-tags and descriptions,
    • Ability to save the page as a draft and preview it before putting it live

Static landing pages provide a powerful, proven tool to drive lead generation and conversion. We’re very happy to have given our clients this extra ability with the bluCommerce Static Pages release, and look forward to it contributing to better user journeys – a goal of all blubolt’s builds. We’re excited to see what our clients’ creativity brings about with this additional bluCommerce functionality, and are looking forward to learning from the ways in which our clients use the feature, so that we can continue to build and finesse functionality which works for them.

Interested in learning more about what bluCommerce can do? Check out our Platforms page or drop us a line for a friendly demo.


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