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Top Tips for eCommerce Visual Merchandising

As we get closer to Black Friday and the festive season, it’s easy to believe that the best way to beat the competition is to have the best deals. Of course, discounts and promotions are important, but in a recent survey, 92% of online shoppers reported that visuals were the most influential factor when deciding to buy a product. This doesn’t just mean the quality of the product images or the style of site, but the way in which those products are presented. This is where visual merchandising comes in. 

Effective visual merchandising allows you to customise the look and feel of your product listing pages; allowing you to stylise the sequence in which your products appear to make them most appealing to your customers. 

Understanding this need, we have built a new in-page visual merchandising tool. It works within the bluCommerce Content Editor with the aim of allowing online retailers control over the appearance of their Product Listing Pages (PLP). 

How does it work?

The bluCommerce visual merchandising tool allows retailers to drag and drop products within the PLP. This means that retailers are able to see exactly what the product listing page looks like, where the product adverts and side banners sit, and move their products accordingly. If they would rather see more products at once to move them around, bluCommerce offers a compact view. This strips away the additional parts of the PLP and allows retailers to focus on the sequence the products. 

For online retailers with a large product list, bluCommerce has introduced an import/export tool. This tool allows a retailer to import a sorted list of SKUs and will arrange the products on the page in the same sequence. The export function provides a list of products in the same sequence that they appear on the page. This allows retailers to take an export from a top level PLP and import it into a sub-level PLP, arranging all of the products in the sub-level in the same sequence that they appear in the top level one.

Top tips for visual merchandising. 

There are lots of different ways to visually merchandise, which vary depending on your brand and the story you are trying to tell with your PLP. Here are our three top tips for visually merchandising your listing pages. 

1. Think big picture.

Whether you have a large product catalogue or a smaller one,  the first thing to think about is the rough order you want your products to appear in. Perhaps you have a lot of stock you want to move; you’ll want to arrange your products roughly from highest stock level at the top, to lowest at the bottom. Or maybe this is a sale category, and you want to have your biggest discounts at the top? Think about the overall structure of the page, and what you are trying to do with it before you start, and plan your order accordingly.

How to implement using bluCommerce: Try using the import tool to bulk arrange the products on the PLP by stock level or discount. This makes the first step of the process really easy.

2. Colour is king.

Colour is powerful and, when used well, can create emotional reactions in your customers. A lot of clashing colours can be difficult to look at and will put off some customers. However, a colour coordinated page can create a positive shopping experience as well as encouraging a customer to try things they may not have been looking for before.

How to implement using bluCommerce: Once the products are in a rough order, use the drag and drop tool in compact view to arrange rows with matching colour or theme.

3. Create a focal point.

Consider where the customers eyes go when looking at your page and make sure you understand that journey. Creating a focal point, highlighting some products over others using colour and styles, gives the page flow and can cause a significant increase in sales of certain products.

How to implement using bluCommerce: Move to the standard view and run your eye across the page as though you were a customer. Notice where it lands and go from there.

You can learn more about bluCommerce here. If you’d like more information about Visual Merchandising or what bluCommerce can do, we’d love to hear from you.


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