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Top 5 Reasons Why User Experience Affects E-commerce Success

Your success in the e-commerce arena has a direct link to user experience. This experience is multi-dimensional and absolutely essential to your business succeeding online. In this article, we investigate the top 5 reasons why.

It’s a well-known fact that the internet is saturated with websites offering almost every type of product and service imaginable. The harsh truth is that if your users don’t have a great first impression of your site and an ongoing amazing experience, they will look elsewhere. Users expect speed, easy navigation, search function, mobile optimisation and high quality content, among other aspects.

In short, your user experience statistics define your e-commerce success.

Before we get into the why user experience has this influence on online sales, take a look at our infographic of the top statistics to consider.

Infographic showing the top statistics to give an insight into how user experience influences success in the e-commerce arena.

Reason 1: customers expect speed

Imagine when a potential customers hits the Google search button to find the goods, services or information that they’re looking for. They have their results within milliseconds, and they have a lot to choose from. If you then manage to catch their attention in the search results they expect your site to load just as quick.

“2 seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.” – Maile Ohye, from Google

In essence, consumers want to find what they’re looking for, and fast.

An image showing car taillights on the motorway to demonstrate the speed on speed influences user experience.

Page load speed time is one of the factors which Google consider when they calculate your site’s ranking. This is directly linked to the fact that a quicker site boosts user experience, and the statistics show it. 9.6% of visitors will bounce off your page if the load speed is more than two seconds. Depending on how much value each unique customer is worth, this could equal big losses in revenue.

Here at blubolt we pride ourselves on the speed, performance and integrity of our bluCommerce platform that provides exceptional stability throughout the year.

Reason 2: customers expect ease of access

Once you’ve got a platform with an optimum load time, users are going to start browsing your site. At this stage they expect fluid navigation throughout the process. All your site pages should be easily accessible from your landing page and each section should flow organically into the next.

What’s more, a logical site layout doesn’t only influence UX. When Google’s spider crawls your website to see what it’s all about, it doesn’t want to arrive at dead ends. The easier it can access all parts of your site, the easier it can decide where it should rank. For this reason ease of access and a logical site layout are also key SEO factors for your website.

A properly functioning site search tool will greatly increase user experience. This is because it enables users to find what they want as quickly as possible. It also provides hugely valuable insight for business owners. Analysing what your customers search behaviour can give you a better understanding into various aspects of user experience. These could include insights into your most popular products, searches queries that didn’t produce the correct results or how many times users had to search in order to arrive on the correct page.

Image showing a person browsing a site on their computer.

Our bluCommerce platform comes equipped with in-built search tools. Using the most advanced search-as-you-type technology means your customers will receive live suggestions as they’re searching. This fulfils the purpose of getting them to the page they want as quickly as possible!

Reason 3: customers expect mobile optimisation

The world is going mobile.

Optimising your website for mobile users can no longer be ignored. It is absolutely essential to your user experience, search engine ranking and ultimately, your e-commerce success.

In fact, Google released an update just two weeks ago called the “Speed Update”. This means that from July 2018 onwards, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. They have of course introduced this because of the huge number of mobile users across the world. Shopping on mobile devices is called m-commerce, and recent results show that mobile is rapidly becoming the most important channel for retail sales in the UK.

The bottom line is that practically everyone uses their mobile phone and they expect mobile pages to be optimised just as well as their desktop equivalents. They also expect no barrier between desktop and mobile usage. In other words, they want the experience to be seamless. For example they want to be logged in on both versions of a site and for the contents of their basket to be maintained when switching from one to another.

Functionalities like this enable customers to use their phone out and about to inform their decisions in brick-and-mortar stores. This is a behaviour which they increasingly exhibit called ROPO. We covered the rise in Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) behaviour in our recent article.

Reason 4: customers expect high-quality, relevant content

Great, so you’ve got your mobile optimised platform that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Now you’ve got to make sure that the actual content on it is of the highest possible standard.

Visitors to your site don’t only want to find the information they’re looking for as soon as possible. They also want it to be in an attractive, relevant, well-written format. The internet is drowning in many different versions of the same content, so making what’s on your website as unique as possible will make you stand out from the rest.

Content must be compelling and always up-to-date to keep customers informed of any particular promotions or offers you might have on. Additionally, keep your content fresh gives users a reason to regularly visit your site to see what’s new.

Our bluCommerce platform has a variety integrated tools. One of those is our powerful content management system tools which allow to easily keep track of and update your content in line with your newest promotions, for example.

Having relevant, high-quality content on your site also means that your customers are more likely to trust and recognise your brand and core message. In fact, you have literally seconds to capture a site visitor’s attention and make them stay on your website. If you’re not sure how long visitors do generally hang around, take a look at your Google Analytics account. You’ll also be able to see how quickly people bounce off your site after initially landing on it and investigate why that is.

Finally, the quality of your content is another of the aspects that Google will look at when determining the ranking of your site.

Reason 5: customers expect to have all the necessary information

Closely linked to the content of your website is the fact that customers expect to have access to all the necessary information on what your company offers.

Product pages must be complete, no matter how popular the item, and include as much relevant information as possible. This could include a full product description and dimensions and definitely a customer review section. Product availability and live stock updates as well as clear information on delivery and returns are also key. The latter is in fact more important than you might think. A recent study showed that 95.5% of consumers want to see pricing and shipping information clearly on product detail pages.

A variety of images of the product is also essential together with a product zoom function. The ability to do this allows a user to thoroughly inspect the product.

An image showing a clothes rail with the same item in a variety of colours. Being able to inspect an item thoroughly is an important aspect of user experience.


A great website design and a fluid user experience gives customers confidence in your company and what it offers. Users have an almost endless amount of choice these days, which means they expect only the best experience. Without it, they’re likely to leave your site and look elsewhere to fulfil their needs.

Here at blubolt we don’t believe in “off-the-shelf” models: we are passionate about tailored e-commerce solutions. We know that consumers appreciate individuality as it expresses a brand in a way that makes it stand out from the competition.

Focusing on, measuring and learning from your user’s experience will enable you to boost your e-commerce success. This counts both for your business growth and digital marketing efforts.

The points in this article are 5 key aspects to consider when measuring your success online that will increase UX as well as making your site rank higher in search engines, but there are also plenty more.

Contact us today to discuss how to give your users the best experience possible.


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