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Our eCommerce Services

We design, build and optimise beautiful Shopify Plus solutions that help brands like you grow faster.

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How we can help you.

We offer a full suite of eCommerce services from new website builds, design-only projects, and custom app creation to Shopify site takeovers, optimisation advice, and ongoing development support. In our expert hands, you’ll reap the benefits of our data-driven decisions, best of breed technology, and transparent partnership approach.


Shopify Builds.

We design, implement and support large-scale eCommerce websites using Shopify Plus. Having built our own ecommerce platform, bluCommerce, we’re uniquely qualified to maximise the power of Shopify Plus to get the results you need.

  • - Complete eCommerce builds
  • - Replatform & migrations
  • - Large bespoke projects
  • - Internationalisation
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Shopify Design & UX.

Beautiful eCommerce design is in our DNA! Our General Assembly qualified team excel at capturing the essence of every brand we work with and translating this into beautiful, personalised, and user-friendly ecommerce experiences.

  • - Full creative design
  • - Usability testing
  • - UX auditing & goal-planning
  • - Wire-framing & prototypes
  • - Concept designs
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Shopify Support & Optimisation.

Whether your website is brand new, in need of a major overhaul, or simply requiring ongoing support and expert optimisation advice, our bluprint for success packages can be tailored to your needs and deliver sustained growth.

  • - Shopify site 'take-overs'
  • - Design refreshes
  • - Retained development hours
  • - User behaviour research & insights
  • - Competitor landscape research
  • - Conversion rate optimisation
  • - Performance monitoring
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Shopify Apps.

Not only do we create our own public Shopify apps, our in-house team can also help you extend the features and functions of Shopify with our custom app service.

  • - Custom & bespoke apps
  • - Partnership apps
  • - Public Shopify Store apps
  • - App performance audits
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Helping you make your decision.

What’s your typical client profile?

Our clients are typically ambitious brands looking to grow faster on Shopify Plus. Their annual revenue tends to be over £1 million; if less, they’re aiming to soon reach that figure!

In terms of verticals, our clients range from fashion and beauty, homewares and gifts, to sports, food and drink. Read more about our clients here.

How much should I expect to pay for the design and build of my Shopify Plus website?

Unsurprisingly, the overall costs will largely depend on the complexity of the design and build. After having a quick, obligation-free chat about your project requirements, we can give you a ballpark starting price. From there, we can put together a detailed proposal with specific estimated costs for the whole project (see details on project proposals below).

How long will it take to design, build and launch my Shopify Plus website?

The length of time from discovery to launch will greatly depend on your specific project requirements. After discussing this with you, we’ll prepare a full proposal including timescales tailored to your project.

In general, for a more complex project involving a fully bespoke theme, we typically estimate a 4-6 month timescale.

What information is included in your Shopify Plus project proposals?

After contacting us to discuss your requirements, we’ll respond with a detailed proposal covering key areas like:

  • blubolt services and processes. We’ll explain what we do, how we do it, and who does it! In short, you’ll know what’s happening at every stage of the project from discovery, design, and build to UAT and launch.
  • Project inclusions. We’ll advise what services are included (like technical and design workshops, frontend build, and data migration to name a few) as well as the specific website pages and integrations included within the project scope.
  • Costs. We’ll give you a clear breakdown of proposed costs for items like the design and build, retainer-only and optimisation services, and Shopify Plus fees.
  • Timings. We’ll give you an estimated timeframe for project completion.

We’ll chat through the proposal on a video call so you’ll have the opportunity to meet the team and ask as many questions as you like! Naturally, you’ll need time to process the information afterwards, but we’re on hand for any follow-up queries you may have.

Can you help me manage and/or optimise my existing Shopify Plus website?

We certainly can! Our bespoke bluprint for success packages are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. A package can include:

  • Ongoing Support Services. We can take over the management of your existing Shopify Plus website and provide services like website development, design refreshes, and partner recommendations, as well as deliver ad hoc project work.
    Our thorough onboarding process means you’ll hit the ground running. We’ll organise all of your website code into our super-sleek blubolt folder structure, whereby each section of your code is broken down into smaller, consistently labelled folders.
    This becomes our pristine ‘source of truth’ so we can effectively and efficiently manage your website while keeping a clear record of changes. And, crucially, multiple blubolt developers can work on your site without any confusion!
  • Optimisation Services. Want to super-charge your site? Our popular optimisation services deliver insights from data and user research to identify friction points and website opportunities. This ultimately leads to meaningful A/B tests and changes to improve user experience and boost KPIs.

Read more about our bluprint for success packages here or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements here.

Where is the blubolt team based?

We have flexible working arrangements so our team is based at home and at our fun and friendly office, located on the world-famous Queen’s Square in Bath, Somerset. Spread over several floors of a historic Georgian terrace, it’s the perfect hub for our energetic, creative, and collaborative team. Contact us to arrange a visit!

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How long has blubolt been in the eCommerce business?

blubolt has been a trailblazer for beautiful, bold and technically brilliant ecommerce stores since 2006. First powered by our own platform, bluCommerce, we now channel our expertise into Shopify Plus - the fast and flexible platform of choice for ambitious brands.

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