Services geared to your eCommerce success

Combine a beautiful eCommerce website that perfectly represents your brand, a feature-rich eCommerce platform with tailored integrations, a super-strong creative and technical prowess, and a hands-on service to compliment this all - and that's the blubolt proposition!

Chris Mattingly Co-founder

Working with you as your eCommerce partner and eCommerce platform

“Many prospective customers ask us what makes us different to other eCommerce companies. With us, you don't get a cookie-cutter website and then you're left alone to work out what to do next. We focus on creating high quality eCommerce solutions, and forming meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Our team has a commitment to ensure you succeed and continue to grow online.”

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  • Understanding your business

    Knowing how your business ticks is central to our approach. The best solutions are created when you have a clear understanding and can then act faster.

  • Action based on insights

    We believe that eCommerce is fundamentally a science. If you can understand the behaviour of your customers, you can then deliver the best experiences.

Driven by an expert service

“The goal for my Customer Success Team is to be an integral part to our customers' online business, understanding their unique needs, and bringing great solutions to the table. Relationships are everything to blubolt, and our greatest reward is seeing our customers grow.”

Scott MacDonald Client Services Director

  • Customer Success

    We have an exceptional team that looks after and champions our customer-base, working closely with our team to produce the best solutions for them, and giving our customers a voice in the direction of our platform.

  • Project management

    Our project management team deliver true value to all major projects undertaken, working closely with stakeholders to strategically scope, plan, co-ordinate, and execute brilliant solutions.

Working with you to act on opportunities

All retailers share common challenges. But they also have unique business needs that, well, make them unique! Our experience has taught us what works best for online retailers, but also how to sympathetically approach your specific business requirements, whatever the scale.

  • Technical strategy

    Large scale technical projects need the right plan. Our team will work with you to identify technical approaches to developments such as overarching system integrations (e.g. ERPs), to small-scale changes that still have a great impact.

  • Business analysis & recommendations

    We want to regularly immerse ourselves into your business, understand your performance and needs, and present the right recommendations that help you grow.

  • Best-fit partnerships

    We are proud to have some great partners who offer a wide range of specialist services. We constantly try to grow our partner list and find matches for our customers.

Working with you to create the vision

We’re passionate about creating beautifully designed websites that convert users into customers. We’ve got the expertise, experience and confidence to deliver an eCommerce site that not only looks great but performs well too.

  • It’s all about the customer

    Our creative team is driven by the customer. The best websites ensure effortless and enjoyable experiences for your users, keeping them coming back and turning them into loyal customers.

  • Strengthening your brand

    We like to term our creative approach as 'elevating eCommerce'. We have built a reputation for executing exceptional looking websites that will always present your brand in the best light.

Backed by a web of support you can depend on

See how we can help your brand grow!

We'd love the opportunity to show you how we are the right partner for your eCommerce success! In an initial 15 minute phone call, we'll walk you through:

  • Platform: How our eCommerce platform, bluCommerce, can meet your current and future objectives with its' best-of-breed feature set and integrations.
  • Design: How our world-class creative and build process works to perfectly represent your brand to your customers.
  • Service: How we support your growth every step of the way with a dedicated Customer Success and Technical Support team.

Simply fill out the form below, call us on 01225 580 037, or email and we'll schedule a suitable time with you.

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