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Want to elevate your brand & grow faster? We’ve helped our clients do just that.

Known for our creative flair in both design and technical matters, we’re constantly (and happily!) immersed in producing the perfect solution to new ecommerce challenges. From fashion, gifts, and homeware to sports, food, and drink, our Shopify Plus expertise spreads far and wide. See how we’ve helped elevate these brands to grow faster.

bella freud.

A Sleek Move From Magento to Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Moving from Magento and delivering stability while maximising scalability and creativity.

The Solution

Sleek and speedy on Shopify Plus and pushing personality with custom features & functionality.

never fully dressed.

Dressed for success on Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Enjoying the power of Shopify Plus, Never Fully Dressed wanted to refresh the look of the website while also upgrading performance.

The Solution

A sleek custom theme with streamlined navigation, improved social engagement, and new international capabilities.

chelsea peers.

Wide Awake On Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Delivering a sophisticated design on Shopify Plus to elevate their brand.

The Solution

Feeling fresh with a dreamy new design and using the latest Shopify Online Store 2.0.


Design Without Compromise On Advanced Shopify.

The Challenge

Delivering flexibility and in-house control on Shopify.

The Solution

Accessible, innovative and authored design with more in-house control.

pipers farm.

Rebuilt from top to tail on Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Delivering beautiful design, loyalty and super smooth delivery.

The Solution

Sorting the wheat from the chaff with a beautiful design and perfecting personalisation.


Riding High on Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Delivering beautiful design, great UX and an abundance of in-house control.

The Solution

Clean as a whistle with a fresh, user-friendly design, awash with features & functionality.

porcelain superstore.

Winning Awards On Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Moving from Magento, a site that reflected their stylish and unique product range

The Solution

Streamlined, sophisticated design, laid with fabulous features & functionality.


350% cyber weekend revenue increase with Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

teapigs wanted a site that communicated their approachable attitude to the world of tea without overwhelming their customers.

The Solution

A smart subscription service rewarding loyal tea customers, a bespoke bundle builder and a platform for long-term growth.

whitehall garden centres.

From WooCommerce to high-growth Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Creating more flexibility and a bespoke look and feel.

The Solution

Digging For Victory With Shopify’s Online Store 2.0.

alexa chung.

Magento to Shopify Plus in just over two months.

The Challenge

The Alexa Chung team wanted more control over their website in order to scale-up faster and adapt to market demands more quickly.

The Solution

A beautiful bespoke theme, more stability and in-house control with Shopify Plus, and easier international expansion.


A smooth move from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Mistral needed a new website that could successfully translate online their friendly, personalised in-store shopping experience.

The Solution

A chic and friendly design that gives the in-house team a high level of control and room for growth with Shopify Plus.

robert welch.

Sophisticated design for a heritage brand on Shopify Plus.

The Challenge

Robert Welch needed a more nimble platform to support their ambitious growth plans and a design that reflected their sophistication.

The Solution

A migration to Shopify Plus with a streamlined and beautiful design, and connectivity to all their key backend systems.


Rising To The Top On Shopify Plus.


54% increase in transactions with Shopify Plus.


Speeding 12% ahead of target with Shopify Plus.


39% increase in transactions for award-winning site.


25% boost to conversion for leading UK brewery.


Hitting Target With +13% Conversions & +23% Revenue


Cook Serve Enjoy Launches On Shopify Plus.


20% decrease in bounce rate for brand-led retailer.


300% transaction increase since mobile launch.


Delivering a beautiful, robust website to scale at speed.

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